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RakeAdvisory - Global Poker Affiliates

RakeAdvisory is one of the few trusted global poker affiliates offering rakeback deals for worldwide players on most poker networks. We are a team of professional consultants with more than 5 years experience on the market and a deep understanding of the market dynamics, covering all segments, from mainstream networks, to underground sites and soft local reservations. Our rakeback offers are ranging between 0% for sites/networks/apps which do not run any VIP loyalty scheme like Ignition Poker or PokerMaster up to 100% for GG Network skins like BestPoker or BreakOut Poker.


Why to choose us as your online poker rakeback provider?

We provide competitive rakeback deals for all poker players, no matter where they come from or what games and stakes they currently play. Our default global poker deals are already above the market for most of the cases, adding plenty of incentives for everybody. Based on each and every player's profile, after analyzing their games and stakes played, we recommend them the best possible options which are available on the market and offer free advisory services for all our potential clients, whether they are our customers or not. Moreover, we offer custom VIP deals for high volume rake grinders, who may contact us anytime via email at [email protected] or skype: ID rakeadvisory


No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Rooms For 6-max Players


Where to play Texas Holdem using a HUD in 2019?

No Limit Texas Holdem remains the most popular cash games, although lately grinders have also started to improve their Pot Limit Omaha skills. However, the most traffic at any site can be found at NLHE 6-max tables. RakeAdvisory has analyzed a dozen of online poker sites and networks and based on several criteria (traffic, games softness and rakeback deals) has identified the best options for 6-max players who want to grind Texas Holdem by using a HUD. Contact us to retag your old poker accounts at [email protected] to maximize your rakeback.


Best No Limit Texas Holdem 6-Max Poker Rooms With HUD

Poker Rooms

NLHE Stakes

MultiTabling Capacity


Retag Option


from $0.01/$0.02 to $100/$200


2.5% - 5%



from $0.01/$0.02 up to $25/$50

No Limit

1.25% - 5%


RedKings Poker

from $0.01/$0.02 up to $50/$100


2.5% - 5%



Where is Hand Grabber required for NLHE cash games?

There are some sites where HUD is not automatically supported by the software. In these cases, players can purchase hand grabbers or converters that help them import the hands and use HUD at the tables. RakeAdvisory offers Hand Converters with 50% discount for our customers. Below you have the most interesting NLHE sites for 6-max players where hand grabber is required:


NLHE 6-max Poker Rooms - Hand Grabber Required

NLHE Poker Rooms NLHE Stakes Multi-Tabling Capacity Network/Reservation
People's Poker €0.01/€0.02 up €5/€10 16 Italian Network
TigerGaming $0.05/$0.10 up to $10/$20 8 Chico Network
J88Poker ₵1/2 up to ₵1k/2k No Limit Asian App

Visit this page to check the full list of rakeback deals.


Where to play NLHE without a HUD in 2019?

An increasing trend in online poker industry is that of HUD-free sites which prohibit any third party software. While this has been introduced to boost customers acquisition for recreational players, who were feeling too exploited by regulars, this can also be an advantage for grinders themselves, as it has been proven these kind of sites host weaker fields.

Moreover, you can also get some of the highest rakeback deals available on the market for sites like BestPoker or BreakOut which strictly prohibit any third party software. So if you are not feeling comfortable with playing on HUD-free sites, you might lose some huge opportunities of maximizing you rakeback as well. Below you have the most exciting HUD-free sites for No Limit Texas Holdem 6-max cash games.


HUD-Free 6-max NLHE Poker Rooms

NLHE Poker Sites Global Poker Traffic Rank NLHE Stakes Features Retag Option
BestPoker 7 $0.05/$0.10 up to $100/$200 HUD banned Yes
BreakOut 7 $0.05/$0.10 up to $100/$200 HUD banned No
PartyPoker 5 $0.01/$0.02 to $100/$200 Casual Cash Games Yes
RedKings 15 $0.01/$0.02 up to $50/$100 Anonymous Tables Yes


Pot Limit Omaha Poker Rooms For 6-max Players

RakeAdvisory has made a selection of the best PLO poker sites for 6-max cash games players that you should try in 2019. We have chosen best rooms in terms of rakeback and games softness from top 15 global poker networks in terms fo traffic for cash games. 


Top 5 Best PLO Poker Sites in 2019

PLO Poker Sites Global Poker Traffic Rank PLO Stakes Decent PLO Daily Action W/O HUD
BestPoker 7 $0.05 / $0.10 up to $100 / $200  up to $5/ $10 Without
PartyPoker 5 $0.01/$0.02 - $100/$200 up to $100/ $200 Both
RedKings Poker 15 $0.01/$0.02 up to $50/$100 up to $3/$6  Both
Pokerking 11 $0.05/$0.10 up to $25/$50 up to $25/$0 With
TigerGaming 14 $0.05/$0.10 up to $10/$20 up to $1/$2 Converter


Best Heads Up Poker Sites in 2019

If you are a Heads Up Player you are probably asking yourself which are the best places to grind in 2019. Of course, since the launch of Asian Poker apps, there are new options for each and every player who wants to change the way he used to play. However, not everybody seems comfortable playing on apps, due to the fact they are either not willing to risk their money depositing on untrusted sites or simply cannot trust the owners of the apps can handle collusion and illegal plays. Therefore, there are still many players who would be interested to discover which are the best mainstream sites where they can still grind cash games in 2019. In the table below you can check the best options for Heads Up Poker players.


Best Heads Up Poker Sites NLHE Action PLO Action Bum-Hunting HUD Retag
PartyPoker $0.25/$0.50 - $100/$200 $0.05/$0.10 - $100/ $200 Allowed Running Yes
People's Poker €0.25/€0.50 up to €5/€10 0.25/€0.50 up to €2/€4 Not Allowed Hand Converter Yes


Best Sit and Go Poker Sites for SNG Players in 2019

All of you probably know that besides Texas Holdem and Omaha cash games, which are probably the most popular and can be found on almost any site, no matter how large it is, there are still some players who prefer grinding Sit and Go tournaments. For them, it is much harder to find a proper site to grind Sit and Gos since there are quite few which have decent traffic for SNGs. The most popular Sit & Go format in 2019 are the Hyper Turbo SNGs. Below you can check the best options for this SNG format.


9 Hyper Turbo Sit & Go Poker Sites

Poker Site Hyper Turbo SNG Game Initial Buy-Ins Maximum SNG Multiplier Maximum SNG Cash Prize
PartyPoker Sit & Go Hero $0.25 up to $250 4,000  1 million dollars
Pokerking JackPot Sit & Gos $2 up to $40 2,500 $100,000
People's Poker VeloX €0.10 up to €20 6,000 €120,000
Snai Poker Twister Sit and Gos €1 up to €100 1,000 €100,000
PokerStars.IT Spin and Go €1 up to €10 10,000 €100,000
Bwin.IT Sit & Go Hero Jackpot €0.25 up to €10 10,200 €102,000
PlanetWin365.IT Spin & Win €0.01 up to €50 4,000 €200,000
RedKings Poker Fish Party €1 up to €50 100/JackPot €5,000/€388,855
TigerGaming Windfall $1.5 up to $215 2,000 $430,000

As you can notice, all major poker sites host hyper turbo SNGs, with different buy-ins and prizes. The multiplier applies to the initial buy-in and the prize pool is randomly shown before the start of each SNG. Of course, the largest multipliers are only awarded on rare occasions, but if you get lucky, you can win insane cash prizes.

In the case of RedKings Poker, there is also a JackPot which gives players a variable outcome, besides the 100 times maximum multiplier which can be hit regularly. The jackpot is hit with a frequency of 5 times per each 1,000,000 SNGs. Last time we checked the Jackpot prize pool was €388,855 but the numbers increase until the JackPot is won by a player.


Rent Accounts for Highly Demanded Segregated Markets

We also provide competitive prices for rented accounts on segregated markets like for instance Italian Poker Networks, which are affordable for low up to high stakes players who can enjoy grinding No Limit Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha cash games, for both 6-max and Heads Up format, as well as for Sit & Go and tournament players. However, we do not currently rent accounts for micro stakes players, who can find enough good games for their stakes at mainstream networks.

To discover the updated monthly fees for each reservation where we provide access for global poker players, you need to get in touch with us and discuss with our poker consultants. The prices fluctuate depending on which site you would like to play on and what kind of volume you can put in. There are still some good rakeback opportunities as well for rented accounts.


Top 7 Best MTT Poker Sites in 2019

For tournaments players we have selected the best sites according to traffic, MTT offering and guaranteed prizes. Therefore, in the case of multi table tournaments, we have focused merely on mainstream networks, which have a good field and mixture of formats for MTTs. Below you can check our findings. We have also considered rake structure and rakeback deals you can get from us.


MTT Poker Sites Initial Buy-Ins Guaranteed Prizes Rakeback Deals
PartyPoker Up to $5,300 7 Million Dollars Weekly Up to 75%
Pokerking Up to $1,000 3.5 Million Dollars - Online Super Series Up to 70%
RedKings Poker Up to €215 €54,500 Every Sunday 30%
BreakOut Poker Up to $200 $20,000 Daily Up to 100%
BestPoker Up to $200 $20,000 Daily Up to 100%
Winner Poker Up to €150 €275,000 Every Sunday 60%
TigerGaming Up to $100 $130,000 during the Weekend VIP

Special VPN Setups for Sites with Good Security

There are some sites with very good security which strictly forbidden access for players coming from restricted territories. In these cases, normal or data-center VPNs which are usually bought by global poker players to overcome IP issues do not work properly. For instance, Bodog Poker and PokerStars.IT detect such VPN connections, by figuring out their IPs are not residential, thus players risking their accounts getting banned and money confiscated.

RakeAdvisory is not selling cheap crap like other affiliates do for segregated markets. We provide special VPN setups for such sites which make your connection safe and secure. Our secret methodology will not be publically disclosed since it is so valuable and rare. But we can tell you for sure, we do not advise you to use normal VPNs or screen sharing programs to be able to access the games. We only work with secure and proven technologies which do not put players in danger and do not jeopardize their bankroll.


Rent Free Poker Accounts at Soft Local Reservations

Besides the sites where you can only play on by paying a monthly fee, we also provide access to some soft local reservations where you can join for free. All you have to do is to contact us and request your free poker account. After you send deposit to the Skrill/Neteller adress we provide, we will shortly provide you with the rented account credentials to login into the client lobby and start playing your favourite games. Below you can see the list of the main sites/networks where you can request an account for rent.


Sites/Networks Reservations with No Monthly Fees Cashout Fees Cashout Method
IDN Poker Network  Asian Network No Fees Skrill/Wire Transfer
Red Argentina de Poker Latin American Network 7%/7%/6% Skrill/Neteller/ecoPayz
Aconcagua Poker Latin American Reservation 7%/7%/6% Skrill/Neteller/ecoPayz
GoldPokerPro Israeli Site No Fees eWallet
Club Poker Israeli Site No Fees eWalet
PokerMaster  Asian App 3% Skrill/Neteller/Bitcoin
PPPoker  Asian App 3% Skrill/Neteller/Bitcoin
J88Poker  Asian App No Fees Skrill/Neteller
KlasPoker Turkish Network 5% Bitcoin only
SpartanPoker Indian Poker Site 15% ewallet/Bitcoin


Cashout Fees Policy For Accounts With No Monthly Fees

Even though we provide free poker accounts with no monthly fees, we still have some costs attached while operating them. To be able to cover them and offer you the services you deserve, some cashout fees are applicable for rented accounts. Besides accounts with no fees applicable, these usually fluctuate between 3% and 15%, depending on the site you want to play on. Lowest fees are currently perceived for Asian Poker Apps, while the highest ones for Indian Sites.


Which accounts can I rent without any fees?

If you do not want to pay any monthly nor cashout fee, we still have this segment covered for you as well. There are some sites where we offer accounts for rent without any fees. They also do not require using VPN so you can play with absolutely no cost. However, you have to take into account the traffic they have for your current stakes.

Even though these sites might have some lower traffic as mainstream networks, you are not facing any restrictions at all. Moreover, you also have the chance to benefit from some very good flat rakeback deals or VIP loyalty schemes. Below you have the completely free global poker sites (no monthly fees, no cashout fees and no VPN) for worldwide players where you cannot register or deposit directly. 


Completely Free Poker Sites - No Monthly or Cashout Fees

Free Poker Sites Reservation HUD VPN
J88Poker Asian Poker App Hand Grabber Required No
GoldPokerPro Israeli Poker Site Not Available No
Club Poker  Israeli Poker Room Hand Grabber Required No


Off-Shore Global Poker Sites accepting worldwide players

Online Gambling Legislation has increased the number of segregated markets and has added more and more restrictions for most of the online poker operators. Nevertheless, there are still some sites which operate abroad in off-shore areas such as Curacao. These operators can be considered global poker rooms since they accept players from almost all countries, with very few exceptions. Additionally, at Pokerking you can as well benefit from a very good rakeback deal.


Main Global Poker Sites Available in 2019

Global Poker Rooms Network Global Poker Traffic Rank Trackers Supported
Pokerking Winning Poker Network (WPN) 11 Yes
TigerGaming Chico Poker Network 14 Hand Grabber Required
BetOnline Poker Chico Poker Network 14 Hand Grabber Required


Maximize your cashback earnings with us

In conclusion, by choosing us as your global poker deals and rakeback provider, you can maximize your cashback earnings and boost your win rate by receiving our free advice from our professional consultants and playing on recommended rooms, having access to soft local reservations with better field than on mainstream networks.


Top 3 Best Flat Rakeback Deals in 2019

If you're looking for the best flat rakeback deals offered by RakeAdvisory, you should definitely take a look at the following sites below. We haven't counted iPoker rooms, because the result would have been biased since iPoker rake system works differently than most other networks. Also, we haven't taken into account hybrid deals, where together with some extra benefits such as rake races, rake cases or extra rakeback, your overall rakeback deal would have been much higher.


Poker Rooms - Networks Flat Rakeback Deal Payment Method
BestPoker - GG Network 50%  Directly Into Account
Cristal Poker - Independent 50% Directly Into Account
GoldPokerPro - Israeli Poker Site 40% Skrill/Neteller

While the market dynamics are changing fast, you can always take a step ahead of your competition and check here the full list of active rakeback deals.


TOP 3 Best VIP Rakeback Systems in 2019

In the table below you have the most profitable sites based on public VIP loyalty system offered by the rooms. We haven't taken into account their traffic or other extra benefits, have only assessed how much rakeback can players get directly from the VIP system itself. Here are the results of our review:


Poker Rooms - Networks VIP Rakeback Deal First Deposit Bonus
BreakOut Poker - GG Network Up to 100% 200% up to $1000
Ultima Poker - Independent Up to 100% 400% up to 2.000$
TonyBet Poker - Independent Up to 80% 100% up to 2000$


Do not forget: if you continue doing what you've always done, you will continue getting the same results you've always gotten. If you want different and better results than your previous ones, embrace the change and start working with us today! This may be one of your last chances to start focusing on increasing your winnings and crushing your competitors who don't know jack shit about what they should be doing right. Poker is a game of thin edges and hard work, but also the perfect place for leveraging asymmetry of information.


Welcome to the grind! Victory is the only thing that can keep you alive!