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PokerMaster Overview

  • Rakeback Date N/A
  • Rakeback Payment N/A
  • Rake Method Calculation N/A
  • Cashout Duration Up to 24 hours
  • Cashout Payment via RakeAdvisory
  • Trackers Support Unavailable
  • High Stakes Action Up to NL6.4K
  • MTT & SNG fees N/A


RakeAdvisory is offering the following PokerMaster deal:

- Safe Access to Clubs : a large variety of NLHE and PLO games, from 1/2CNY to 1000/2000CNY

- Small Withdrawals Fee : all cashouts are subject to a small fee (as a compensation for no rake charged)

For more details and account requests, please contact us on:

- Asian Apps dedicated skype ID : Asian.Poker.Apps

- general support skype ID : RakeAdvisory 

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PokerMaster is the flagship of Asian poker boom. Being a recently launched chinese poker app, it works basically like a private undergound network where players can exchange coins for CNY, the local Chinese currency. PokerMaster has not just expanded very fast among Asian Poker players (what an insane market and poker growth potential if you think about it) but has already become famous among worldwide high-stakes players and some of them have already joined the tables.

If you are familiar with the traditional gambling operators that are part of stable networks, you are probably asking yourself which is the reason for using all these poker apps instead of a standard client. Well, the reason lies in a huge underground market which adds value to the online poker community by expanding to new markets. Perhaps you don't know, but China regime regarding online activities is more restrictive and online poker is forbidden there. However, as we live in a free modern society, solutions have been found to avoid the hurdles. By joining a Chinese Poker App you can exploit  rich Asian poker amateurs who want to gamble some money online.

Thus, PokerMaster uses a play money application as a platform to run real money games, being organized in clubs, each of them offering tables at different poker types and stakes. This scheme allows them to avoid local regulation and bring Chinese poker players to play real money games. Though, the players cannot join real money games by themselves, therefore they need to work with a trusted agent to be able to deposit or cashout from PokerMaster and to have access to the best clubs.


PokerMaster Pros and Cons:


  • Most Popular Chinese Poker App
  • Private Undeground Network with soft games
  • More than 100 clubs available
  • Heads Up Games Available
  • Low Cashout Fees - Only 3%


  • There is no rakeback 
  • HUD cannot be displayed without a Hand Converter
  • Minimum deposit is high - $1,500
  • Collusion is not prohibited at the tables



Being a Chinese Poker App which works like an underground network, everybody can create a new club and host real money games. RakeAdvisory offers access only to safe clubs with soft games. The full list of PokerMaster clubs cannot be publicly disclosed because the number is very high and they change pretty often. However, we advice all our players to get in touch with our Asian Poker Apps Manager on skype ID : Asian.Poker.Apps


Popular PokerMaster Clubs 

In the table below you have the most exhaustive list for the most popular PokerMaster clubs where you can expect very good action for both No Limit Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha cash games. Some of them offer action in 6-max format while others also offer Heads Up or ring games. Depending on the club, you can expect normal blinds or antes/straddle games. To get the full list of clubs, you have to contact us on skype ID : Asian.Poker.Apps


Club Name Club ID Club Description and Details Games and Stakes
Suncity 238238 Great Selection of Small Stakes NL NL 5/10/20, 10/20/40, 5/10 - 20/40
G-Mage 238000 Big Variety of NL games NL 10/20 - 300/600
Paris 22328759 Small and Medium Stakes NL ring and HU games NL 5/10 - 20/40; HU 20/40, 25/50
MSU 666000 PLO Galore PLO 5/10 - 100/200
9 Dragon 618888 Medium NL games; 30% VPIP required NL 10/20 - 20/40
Baby Lion 20645806 Big Variety of NL small and medium stakes NL 5/10 - 20/40/80
GoldFish 747747 Small/Medium PLO games PLO 2/4 - 20/40
Phoenix 488488 Small NL games NL 5/10 - 20/40/80
77 Club 177177 Full range of NL games NL 5/10 - 20/40; HU 50/100
Athena 686686 Small/Medium straddle NL stakes NL 5/10/20 - 20/40/80; HU 10/20
Hela 4808798 Small/Medium PLO games PLO 5/10 - 10/20 6-max, FR, HU
Victoria's Secret 520333 Nice selection of medium No Limit Tables NL 10/20 - 20/40 (30% VPIP required)
North Sea 989898 Solid range of medium NL with enforced straddle NL 10/20/40 - 20/40/80 (+ HU)
Serene Club 880808 Mix o small/medium PLO and NL games NL 5/10 - 20/40/80; PLO 5/10 - 10/20
Choose Me 670881 Great for NL Heads Up NL HU 10/20 - 50/100
Egg Club 5030303 Latest Club with very good PLO field  PLO 10/20 - 100/200 6-max, HU
Ocean College 111222 Small/Medium NL with enforced straddle NL 2/4/8 - 10/20/40 6-max, HU
Little Buddha 776600 Enforced straddle medium stakes NL 10/20/40 - 20/40/80 (30% VPIP required)
Candy 668888 Big range of PLO tables PLO 5/10 - 50/100
Porsche 198888 Great Club for big games NL 100/200 6-max (10:1 chip ratio)

iTexas Athletics Club
4718878 Good range of NL straddle games NL 5/10/20 - 20/40/80 (30% VPIP required)


PokerMaster Rake Structure

PokerMaster does not use a standard rake structure, meaning they do not charge rake from pots. 
Instead, at the end of each game session, at each individual table, winners (players who won money in that specific session) pay a 5% commission. So, if you won 10.000 CNY at the end of the session you will actually receive 9.500 CNY.

Players who have lost in that specific session are not charged


PokerMaster Traffic Report and Currency


PokerMaster Private Games

Being an underground network with private games and a large variety of clubs, PokerMaster is not tracked like a normal poker room, so traffic is relative and varies a lot from club to club.

PokerMaster is offering 3 types of poker games:

  • NLHE
  • PLO
  • Short Deck


Stakes and Straddle Games

The stakes you can play start from 2CNY/4CNY (which is approx 0.25EUR/0.50EUR) and go up to 1000CNY/2000CNY (125EUR/250EUR). In most of the clubs you can find action up to 100CNY/200CNY, while higher stakes games can be found in specific clubs only.

PokerMaster is also offering Straddle games, where 3 players must post the blinds instead of 2 from the standard games. For example, in a 2/4 straddle table, the blinds will be: 2/4/8CNY.

In PokerMaster you will also find tables with antes.

Some of the PokerMaster tables allow you to start with 2, 3 or even 4 buyins (400 big blinds).


NLHE and PLO Heads Up Cash Games

PokerMaster is offering HeadsUp, 6max and 8max tables in case of NLHE and HeadsUp and 6max tables for PLO.

PokerMaster is actually a very good choice for mid-stakes and high-stakes grinders but is not useful for micro-stakes players who cannot find any games available for their current bankroll.

A special feature at PokerMaster is that players can start they own tables according to their particular needs (blinds, ante, buy-in, game length). The vast majority of players are from China and more and more grinders worlwide join PokerMaster for the insane softness of the games.


Games Currency and Exchange Rate

Being a Chinese App, at PokerMaster games run in (Chinese Yuan). 1 USD = ~7 CNY, 1 EUR = ~8 CNY.


PokerMaster Cashier (Deposits and withdrawals)

PokerMaster does not offer direct cashier, therefore, players have to use the agent system for deposits and withdrawals.

As payment methods, we accept and pay money through main e-wallets Skrill and Neteller and Bitcoin (BTC) from cryptocurrencies.

In order to deposit you have to send the money to one of our ewallets or BTC address and we will credit the account for you. Minimum Deposit is 10.000 CNY, per account, which is around 1.500 USD or 1300 EUR.

In order to cashout, you inform us how much you want and we will process the withdrawal for you. Cashouts and are usually processed within a few hours since the moment of request. Withdrawals of Profits are subject to a fee, which is some sort of a compensation of the fact that no rake is charged at the tables. This withdrawals fee covers the expenses of the people who run the clubs.


PokerMaster Software and Tracker Support


Mobile Software Versions

PokerMaster is dedicated to mobile devices only, offering versions for both iOS and Android devices. Normally, you can access it from iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones.

In order to play from your computer, you need to install an emulator which facilitates the use of the poker app. A particularity of this poker room is that you can play one table only per account. Supposing you want to play at several table in the same time, you need more PokerMaster accounts and therefore more devices or you need to launch more emulator instances.


Client Lobby Features

Software is user friendly, offering many features for recreational players, like avatars, game sounds, table chat with various emoticons, add friend option, items purchase option and sending gifts to other players from the tables.

Another particularity of PokerMaster is that timebank is not free and in order to access it, you will have to pay some gems which can be acquired from your agent.

In PokerMaster games, you benefit from badbeat insurance, meaning that when going all in on the Flop or Turn, the player whose hand is ahead have the option of securing his investment in the pot.

PokerMaster software has a pretty nice games filter with several options: game type, blinds size, number of players, ante, straddle, insurance and table remaining time (in PokerMaster, tables run for a specific amount of time).


Poker Trackers Support

PokerMaster does not offer trackers support since it is a play money app, but some 3rd party hand grabbers have been developed and they can be used when playing in most of the clubs. Please get in touch with us and we will provide such software.

PokerMaster app can be accessed from any IP, unless there are specific restrictions from the clubs.