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We are here to help you gain competitive advantage by offering free poker consulting services. You are welcome to contact us for any poker related advice or information you might need, whether you are a customer or not.


About RakeAdvisory

We are a team of former poker players with more than 10 years of experience in cash games (up to 1000NL) as well as expertize in the affiliate business for several years. 

We have the passion, motivation and know-how to conduct market research and provide relevant information to poker players in regards to all industry’s specifics. As everything changes fast, we have to put our eyes on the market dynamics and offer you fast and frequently updates on all situations that may occur. We keep you updated because we consider information as being vital for maintaining an edge on your opponents.

RakeAdvisory has a global reach as it provides a wide range of poker deals (competitive rakeback deals on almost all poker networks on the globe) and serves customers worldwide, satisfying their individual needs. 

RakeAdvisory Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission is to offer professional poker players accurate, complete, timely and useful information regarding all market specifics.

Our Vision: We believe that everyone can achieve success. The required prerequisites are a strong will, hard work ethics and the right means for achieving your goal. Our vision is to help you find everything you need to become a successful poker player and gather all the information and tools for you in one place.

Our Values

  • Reliability  we are a team of trustworthy people who rely on safety in the relation with our partners; thus, we guarantee that all our poker deals are risk free and all the information you may find on our website is relevant
  • Commitment  we are passionate about what we do and we are commited to keep you updated with all the changes that may occur; we are constantly conducting market research on all market specifics
  • Effectiveness  we promote and deliver only what it really matters, what is significant for our clients, whether it is a poker deal, a specific tool or news; we focus on fast replies to your queries because time is money and no one enjoys to wait for answers 
  • Excellence – a value that inspires us to deliver high quality advisory services as we are professionals and constantly keep improving our knowledge
  • Customer Service – we have a wide range of contact tools so that you can easily get us such as e-mail adress, skype ID, website contact form, live chat or facebook etc; in addition, we offer outstanding customer support services
  • Accuracy  while you search on the internet, perhaps not all the information you get is correct or up to date; we make this effort for you and provide you accurate data that you may use in your activity
  • Simplicity – we rely on simplicity not to overload our customers with unuseful information as well as to make the navigation on our website easy for everyone

Our Services

We prefer to walk the walk rather than talk the talk and guide you at every step required for you to become a successful online poker grinder. 

The services we provide include:

  • Free Poker Consulting  to remove the available asymmetry of information on the market and make you gain the necessary know-how to create and maintain a competitive advantage on your opponents
  • Competitive Rakeback Deals – we are striving to improve your poker experience by providing you some of the best rakeback deals on the market that shall increase your cashback while helping you find the right place to play (soft field poker rooms with juicy action)
  • Poker Courses at promotional prices – we give you access to poker courses produced by some of the best authors and offer you discounts on all the products you may purchase on request
  • Access to the latest released Poker Software  we take care of you with the latest released poker software in the market; you don't have to google it anymore, just check our "Poker Software" section and you can find anything that might interest you
  • Fast and reliable international e-wallets – you can use the fastest payment methods used in online poker while making international transactions

We are waiting for you! Having you on board as soon as possible rushes the time you should normally invest in order to reach the knowledge we are currently sharing with you FOR FREE. Fasten your seat belt because we are going to take off to the place you need to get to start crushing cash games right now.