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The advances in technology totally changed the way we play poker nowadays. There are all sorts of tools and software available that can help you in multiple ways. Among them we can find various Poker Trackers, Hand Grabbers and VPNs, and today we’ll take a closer look at some of them.


Poker Trackers and Odds Calculators

These poker tools will give you detailed statistics about your hands and your previous games, but also about those of your opponents. They give in-depth information, allowing you to improve your game a lot. The most popular ones are:

Holdem Manager 2 – it is a powerful tool that allows you to review and to analyze your game and that of your opponents. It has plenty of useful features, stats, graphs and various sections, so you will need some time in order to get used to it. It also includes pre-made filters that allow you to view just certain details that are crucial to you at that moment. 

Poker Tracker 4 – it’s the main competitor of HM2, having similar features and uses. No one can say for sure which of them is better, both having pros and cons. Use any of them and you will still get a clear advantage over competitors who are not using a poker tracker. 

Both Poker Tracker 4 and Holdem Manager 2 have extra features such as odds calculators, advanced stats, finding leaks and more. The difference is that PT4 offers them for free, while HM2 charges extra. But as you can imagine, the extra tools of HM2 are more powerful. 


Hand Grabbers and Converters

These simple tools allow you to capture and to save the hands that you take part in (but also those that you observe) on your hard drive. One such tool is simply called “Hand Grabber” and it works on the Poker platforms. It is compatible with all the games found on this website and all the blind levels. It allows you to gain valuable information on your hands, but also on those of professional poker players that you admire. This way you can learn from the best and act like them in the future.


Best VPN Solutions

The legislation on poker is very strict in some countries, and even major platforms like PokerStars and 888Poker can be blocked in certain regions. In this case you will need to use a VPN. This tool will basically hide your IP, not letting the website you access to know your real location. For example, you may appear as logging in from the United States, even though you are living in China. 

Some popular VPNs include World VPN, Pure VPN, Express VPN, Cyber Ghost VPN or Avira Phantom VPN. They all have plenty of features, offering anonymous access, IP hiding and a secure internet connection. 

So here were some useful poker tools & software (poker trackers, hand grabbers and VPNs). Which ones are you using? Let us know by contacting us at [email protected]