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The Poker Tracking Software Recommended by RakeAdvisory


PokerTracker 4 is the best investment a poker player could make for his playing career. It is the industry leading tracking, analysis and Heads-Up Display software for online poker. Having almost 15 years since its first launch, it has developed as the most powerful, yet user-friendly poker tool on the market.


PokerTracker4 is useful for any type of player, whether he plays the Holdem No-Limit, Pot-Limit or Omaha versions of poker, be it Cash games, Sit&Go’s or Multi-Table Tournaments. The tool provides full coverage of every hand played and a player can perform full-depth analisys of his activity, with complex reports and graphs available. Addons are also available, including the table selection tool Table Tracker.

PokerTracker 4 benefits from a powerful engine that lets you customize the software for your personal needs. Want to add a new statistic to a built-in report? Change the skin of the replayer? Include positional fold to 3Bet stats in your HUD profile? Plot your rake as a moving average against your winnings graph? PokerTracker 4 has you covered!



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  • Advanced HUD Engine

The PokerTracker4 HUD has been designed with the user in mind as it provides you with all the information you require (which you can fully tailor) without interfering with your game. Player will find accomodation with the PT4 HUD to be fast and straightforward.

What is great about the HUD in PT4 is that thanks to its new vector-based design, it will always remain clean and organized. It is fully compatible with most poker clients and you can adjust the table size as you with: the HUD will always remain in the designated place on the table, while the text will grow/shrink proportionally.

The HUD also provides a great way of taking notes, the so-called NoteTracker. Players can take notes using a free-form system, that benefits from features such as color coding or notation shortcuts. Everything is designed to make for a seamless experience.














Other important features of the PokerTracker4 HUD include an improved pop-up system, where you can change the position of each stat, as well as filter to in or out of position for each stat preflop. Finally, we must say that the HUD is fully customizable, benefiting from a simple drag-and-drop user interface that simplifies statistic selection and placement. Customization includes coloring, show/hide stat option, opacity change, positional stats, triggering by a number of hands and more...


  • Reports, Charts, Graphs & Filters

The PokerTracker 4 developers have put a lot of effort into creating the reporting section, basically the heart of any professional poker tracking software. As a result, world-class players have been consulted and their feedback has been used to develop an array of tools that will help you become a better player. Although complex, it is quite easy to navigate and the interface is user-friendly.

A powerful selection of filters is available, so you can analyze a very specific niche of your game. Most used filters can be saved for future use (Quick Filters). If you just want to perform a short post-session analysis, simlple filters are available too.

Another useful feature is the LeakTracker, a reporting tool where you confront your stats with a wide sample gathered from winning players, so you can find any leaks in your game and eliminate them as fast as possible.













The graph section is more advanced than anything on the market. You can obtain Global Graphs, which allow you to:

- review post flop ranges of all players across your entire database

- discover how winners play and find patterns to show why losers lose

- use Scatter Graphs to plot data using any two stats on different axes to find players who are outliers, or common player tendencies

- combine your personal results in tournaments and cash games in the Overall Results Graph



*each product purchased is available for two computers

                          PokerTracker 4 Version      Price
Holdem: Full Version $99.99
Holdem: Small Stakes Version $59.99
Omaha: Full Version $99.99
Omaha: Small Stakes Version $59.99
Holdem & Omaha: Full Version $159.99
Holdem & Omaha: Small Stakes Version $99.99


This is just a short overview of what PokerTracker 4 offers you. The best way to find the complete features provided is to download the software and try it out. Get it now and you will be convinced for yourself that it is the best piece of poker software on the market. Tens of thousands of other successful players already agree with us.