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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What is RakeAdvisory?

RakeAdvisory is a project developed by a group of former poker players, with experience in the affiliation field as well. RakeAdvisory offers players all the information and tools they need to become successful, including: Rakeback Deals, Poker Courses & Materials, Poker Software, E-Wallets. Most important, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you pick the best poker room suited for your needs. Please read our About Us page for more information.


2. What is Rake? What is Rakeback?

For every hand you play, you contribute to the total pot. Out of the total pot, the poker room takes a small amount (usually around 5%) as its own, in order to be able to maintain its operations running. This small amount of cash is referred to as „rake”.

Although you cannot avoid paying rake to a poker room, you can however benefit from receiving some of that sum amount back („rakeback”). This happens if you as a player benefit from a rakeback deal. The best rakeback deals can be found only through affiliates, such as RakeAdvisory.


3. How do I get a rakeback deal?

You can see our available deals on the RakeAdvisory Homepage or on the detailed Rakeback Deals page. Once you decide where you want to play, please follow the Sign-Up Instructions available on every poker room page. For any specific inquiries, you can contact us at anytime.


4. Where can I see my rakeback?

Once you create your RakeAdvisory account, you can see your due rakeback in the My Account section. Go to My Account - > Poker Rooms   and you will find your rakeback in the RAKEBACK column of the table. The information is usually updated at the beginning of each month.


5. Can I get rakeback if a already have an account on a poker room?

We can attempt to retag your existing account, however not all poker rooms allow this. Please contact us for more information.


6. What is the Refer-a-Friend program?

Any RakeAdvisory user can refer a friend to our website. You will receive a commission depending on his activity and how much he rakes. You can track your referrals in the My Account section, under the REFER A FRIEND tab. Read more details here.


7. When and how do I receive my rakeback?

Depending on the room you signed up for, you may receive your rakeback directly into your poker account, into your ewallet (Skrill/Neteller) or a combination of the two methods.  Visit the specific poker room’s page on RakeAdvisory for information regarding Rakeback Payment and Rakeback Date.  Contact our customer support team for more details.


8. What does RakeAdvisory offer beside rakeback deals?

On the RakeAdvisory website you also may find high quality poker courses, Poker Software and E-Wallet sign-up offers. Of course, the most valuable resource we offer is the information about the poker market and the best rakeback deals suited for you. You are free to contact our consultants at anytime you wish.


9. Can I become a RakeAdvisory subaffiliate?

At the moment, we operate the RakeAdvisory Refer-a-Friend programme. You can, however, bring as many referrals as you like and receive commission accordingly.


10. I have a problem with a poker account I have created through RakeAdvisory’s affiliation system.

In case any issue appears, we recommend our clients to use our partner’s (i.e. poker rooms) customer support system, as they generally are able to solve most common problems. If, however, you did not manage to resolve your issue, we are available to assist you with all our expertise. You can contact us anytime with your query.