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Snai Poker Overview

  • Rakeback Date Monthly
  • Rakeback Payment Poker Account
  • Rake Method Calculation Real Player Value Rake (RPV)
  • Cashout Duration 3 - 5 Working Days
  • Cashout Payment Direct Cashier
  • Trackers Support Yes
  • High Stakes Action Up to 10000nl
  • MTT & SNG fees Included in rake calculations

SNAI Poker - Rakeback Deal

RakeAdvisory is offering you the opportunity to play on Snai PokeriPoker.IT. You will benefit from the following deal:

- Safe Access to an Italian Poker reservation

- Technical assistance with VPN

For more details and to configure your poker account, please contact us on skype: ID rakeadvisory



DOWNLOAD & SIGNUP accounts are provided by RakeAdvisory. Please contact us on skype: ID rakeadvisory


Please send us your preferred Username .


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Snai Poker Review

Snai.IT is the gaming platform of Snaitech S.p.A. which was born in 2015 from the merger of Cogetech and Snai SPA.

Snai is offering services in different gaming areas: Sports Betting (including Live Betting), Virtual Games, Horse Racing, Bingo, Casino, Slots, Lotteries and Poker. Poker side is part of iPoker.IT network which operates in Italy under the supervision of AAMS.

Snai is a partner of AC Milan Football Club and World Series of Poker.


Snai Poker Pros and Cons


  • Snai is the flagship of iPoker.IT Network
  • Third biggest traffic for an Italian Poker Site
  • Soft Field for NLHE and PLO cash games
  • Monthly Fees Affordable for NL/PL50+ players
  • Trackers Supported by iPoker.IT software
  • Multi-Tabling Capacity Available
  • Safe Access provided by RakeAdvisory


  • VPN required for Non-Italian players
  • Real Player Value Rake Method
  • Poor PLO MTT action
  • No Direct Cashier for Non-Italian players
  • VIP system and Bonuses not available for rented accounts

RakeAdvisory Offer for Non-Italian Poker Players

RakeAdvisory offers safe access to iPoker.IT for international players. Non-Italian Poker Players can get in touch with us on skype: ID rakeadvisory to request a Snai account. We provide technical assistance for configuring VPN to access the games. Snai Poker Download can only be made using an Italian VPN, which protects you from the risk of getting the account banned. 

While we do not usually rent poker accounts to micro stakes players, we can make customized offers for everyone, so feel free to contact us and get more information about what we can offer you at one of the most popular Italian Poker networks.



There are 2 different types of Points in Snai: Status Points and Snai Poker Points.

Status Points (SPs) are the points accumulated when playing real money games and they are taken into consideration when reaching different VIP levels and they are used for unlocking Progressive Bonuses. SPs are gathered at a standard rate of 20 SPs received for each €1 of rake paid.

Snai Poker Points (PSP) are the points gathered when participating in real money Scheduled Tournaments, Sit&Gos or Cash tables. They are used for tournaments direct registration or for converting tokens or bonuses which can be done in the VIP shop.

PSPs are issued to each customer based on the amount of SPs gathered, at a rate which varies according to the multiplier relative to the VIP Area.


Monthly VIP Levels

Monthly VIP Level SPs Required Multiplier SPs accumulated per EUR of Fee PSP accumulated per EUR of Fee
1 0-799 1 20 20
2 800-3,999 1.5 20 30
3 4,000-14,999 2 20 40
4 15,000-39,999 3 20 60
5 40,000+ 4 20 80


Annual VIP Levels

Annual VIP Level SPs Required Multiplier SPs accumulated per EUR of Fee PSP accumulated per EUR of Fee
1 300,000 5 20 100
2 1,200,000 6 20 120


Snai Poker Points (PSP) can be converted in cash bonuses or tickets to other events. In order to do that, you have to login the poker client, access the Account page and go to VIP section where you will see your PS balance. Then, you need to choose from the list the reward you prefer. Here are the options:

  • € 20 (10,000psp) top-up bonus
  • € 50 (24,000psp) top-up bonus
  • Token Explosive Sunday 100 € (40.000psp)
  • 100 € top-up bonus (45.000psp)
  • € 250 (100,000psp) top-up bonus
  • Charging bonus from € 500 (190.000psp)
  • Charging bonus from € 1,000 (360,000psp)
  • Charging bonus of € 3,000 (1,000,000psp)


Snai Poker is offering a 300% up to 1050 EUR Progressive First Deposit Bonus, released in 10 EUR increments, equivalent to 20% rakeback, valid for 60 days.

All you have to do is to register a Snai account, make a deposit and start playing. While doing this, you will be able to unlock different levels that will allow you to grab up to €1050.

In order to release the bonus you must accumulate Status Points (SPs) which is done by playing real money Sit & Gos and real money cash games. For every €1 rake paid, you will receive 20 SPs. SPs balance can be checked in “My Account” section, “VIP Level and Tokens” from the poker lobby.

Bonus is paid in €10 installments for each 1000 Status Points earned, which means €50 rake, therefore the bonus is equivalent to 20% rakeback.

The progressive bonus offered by Snai can’t be combined, so the accumulated SPs are used to unlock a progressive bonus at a time.

The Welcome Bonus is valid for 60 days from the day of issue, therefore you have 2 months to accumulate the Status Points required to unlock the bonus. If a player fails to unlock the entire sum or a fraction of it, Snai won’t issue any new bonus.



There are several promotions available for Italian Poker players who join iPoker.IT Network.

Mission Poker

Snai is offering you €12.000 prizes in freeroll tournaments, organized in 4 categories, for all budgets. 

Omaha… In The Classification

During this winter, Snai Poker is offering €6160 in guaranteed prize money every 7 days, to the players who want to play Omaha cash games.

Players will be able to participate in 3 different categories (Low, Medium, High) based on the generated rake. Full details regarding the promotion can be found on Snai website.

Twister Sit & Go Tournaments

Sit & Go Twister is a Turbo variation SNG, which is played 3 handed and which is offering random prizes which can go up to 1000 times the buy in. 

When tournaments start, but before the cards being dealt, the client will display an animation showing the random jackpot the players will compete for.

In case the prize is lower than €1000, the winner will take the entire amount. In case the prize is higher than €1000, the prize will be distributed as follows: winner takes 80%, 2nd place and 3rd place take 10% each.

The Jackpot of each SNG Twister will be defined in a totally random manner. The Special Jackpot which is 1000 times the buy in, can be won in the following tournaments: €1, €2, €5, €10, €20 and €50 enties.


Depositor Freeroll €2500

Players who deposit at least once, will receive a token to participate to Depositors Freeroll from the following week, which can reward up to 150 players.



Below you will find the rake structure of Snai cash games, depending on the game type, number of players and stakes. Being part of the same network, the rake structure is similar for all iPoker.IT skins and applies also for Italian Poker accounts rented by RakeAdvisory.

Rake is not charged from the pot if the hand ends before the Flop cards are dealt and these hands are called “no raked hands”. iPoker. IT uses a Real Player Value (RPV) rake method.


No Limit and Pot Limit Tables Rake Structure


Stakes from € 0.01 / € 0.02 up to € 0.02 / € 0.05:

Number of Players Rake Per Pot Rake Percentage Rake Cap
2 €0.01 for each €0.15 in the pot 3.33% - 6.66% €0.75
3 - 4 €0.01 for each €0.15 in the pot 3.33% - 6.66% €1
5 - 10 €0.01 for each €0.15 in the pot 3.33% - 6.66% €1


Stakes from € 0.05 / € 0.10 up to € 0.10 / € 0.20:

Number of Players Rake per Pot Rake Percentage Rake Cap
2 €0.01 for each €0.15 in the pot 3.33% - 6.66% €1
3 - 4 €0.01 for each €0.15 in the pot 3.33% - 6.66% €1.5
5 - 10 €0.01 for each €0.15 in the pot 3.33% - 6.66% €2.5


Stakes from € 0.25 / € 0.50 up to € 0.25 / € 0.50:

Number of Players Rake per Pot Rake Percentage Rake Cap
2 €0.01 for each €0.15 in the pot 3.33% - 6.66% €1.50
3 - 4 €0.01 for each €0.15 in the pot 3.33% - 6.66% €2
5 - 10 €0.01 for each €0.15 in the pot 3.33% - 6.66% €3


Stakes above € 0.50 / €1:

Number of Players Rake per Pot Rake Percentage Rake Cap
2 €0.05 for each €0.90 in the pot 2.75% - 5.55% €1.5
3 - 4 €0.05 for each €0.90 in the pot 2.75% - 5.55% €2.5
5 - 10 €0.05 for each €0.90 in the pot 2.75% - 5.55% €3.5


Snai Poker - iPoker.IT Traffic Report and Currency currently holds 21st place in online poker sites traffic leaderboard with an average of 300 cash games players on a weekly basis and more than double the figure at peak hours, where you can expect above 600 cash players. The traffic is decent if you want to grind on the 3rd biggest Italian Poker site where you can expect softer games than on mainstream networks you are used to.

Within iPoker.IT network, games are played in EUR currency.

Snai Poker is offering their customers the following types of games:

Cash Games
NLHE: from €0.01/€0.02 up to €5/€10 (2max, 6max, 9max)
PLO: from €0.02/€0.05 up to €5/€10 (2max, 6max)

Sit & Gos
NLHE: from €0.50 up to €50
PLO: from €0.50 up to €2

Tourneys - from freerolls up to €100 entries. PLO MTT action is very low.

Twister Sit and Gos
Buy in €1 prize up to €100
Buy in €2 prize up to €2000
Buy in €2.50 prize €100 Ticket
Buy in €5 prize €5000
Buy in €10 prize up to €10000
Buy in €20 prize up to €20000
Buy in €50 prize up to €50000
Buy in €100 prize up to €100000



Snai.IT is offering direct cashier, meaning the customer can deposit and withdraw using their own ewallets, cards or bank accounts.

Methods used for depositing and cashing our are: credit cards (MasterCard, VISA), PayPal, PostePay, PayMat, Skrill, Neteller, Snai Card, Wire Transfer.

Non-Italian Poker players will have to make deposits and withdrawals via RakeAdvisory using Skrill/Neteller with no additional fees. Cashouts usually take up to 5 business days.



iPoker.IT uses a similar software with its mother European company provided by Playtech, which is suitable for multi-tabling.

Trackers (Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager) are supported by Snai poker client.

Snai is offering a downloadable client version for Windows and a web browser play option for both Windows and MAC users.

Players who want to play poker on Snai from their smartphones and tablets can install the app on Android and iOS devices.