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VIP Poker Overview

  • Rakeback Date Permanent
  • Rakeback Payment Poker Account
  • Rake Method Calculation Weighted Contributed
  • Cashout Duration 5-7 business days
  • Cashout Payment Direct Cashier
  • Trackers Support Not Available
  • High Stakes Action Up to 2000NL
  • MTT & SNG fees Included in rakeback calculations


RakeAdvisory players will earn the following Poker rakeback:

- Welcome Bonus: 100% up to 1.000$, valid for 30 days

- VIP Club: called 94 Club, opt in by being invited

- Poker Promotions: royal flush bonus, bad beat bonus 

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Bodog Poker Holdem River Showdown Bodog Poker Holdem Full Ring Table Bodog Poker Client Lobby Bodog Poker No Limit Holdem Turbo Guaranteed Tournament Bodog Poker Pot Limit Omaha River Showdown Poker Review was one of the first websites to offer real money poker, and it was founded in 1994 by Calvin Ayre, a famous gaming mogul. It is a part of a larger group that also includes casino games and sport betting and they are among the largest poker rooms in the United States. 

The network was recently renamed to PaiWangLuo and includes Ignition Poker,,, and Bodog88. Each of these websites is focused on a specific market, and the website we are talking about today focuses on Canada. They have plenty of games to choose from, as well as a good rakeback and attractive promotions.

Overall is a great site, with plenty of traffic, a good software, fast and secure payouts and nice bonuses and promotions. Pros and Cons


  • Best Choice for Canadian Players
  • Part of US friendly PaiWangLuo Network
  • Instant Play Software
  • Anonymous Tables and Zone Poker
  • Nice Welcome Bonus for New Players
  • Fast Cashouts
  • Good Traffic for cash games and MTTs


  • Only Canadian players allowed to register
  • 4 Tables Limit for Cash Games
  • Cannot use HUD at the tables VIP Club

Their VIP program is called the 94 Club and you can only enter by being invited. We assume that they only invite the best players that make the biggest earnings. Among the benefits you will get weekly bonuses, cash rewards and access to special events. Bonus and Rakeback

Setting up an account and getting started is quite easy and straight forward. Their bonus system gives you 100% of your first deposit, up to $1,000. You then have 30 days to clear the bonus, so play as much as possible. The more you play, the more Poker Points you will earn. But be careful because they do not allow any abusing of the bonus system. Their bonus is aimed to recreational players and not to professionals. So in case you play 10 tables at once and clear the entire bonus in just 2 days, it might seem abusing to them and will not give you the bonus. Play often, but do spread it over the course of multiple days. 

Another of their special offers is the Royal Flush Bonus. So when you make the best and rarest hand in poker, not only that you have big chances of winning that hand, but you will also get 50 times the big blind, up to $ 200. This bonus applies when playing Texas Holdem, when using both hole cards and when you play the hand with 3 or more players. 

So the Rakeback is based on Poker Points and these points will unlock the bonus. You can exchange the points for cash or use them to enter various tournaments, and they convert into cash based on the following bonus system:


Increment no. Poker Points Required Increment Value Total Bonus Cleared
1 50 $10 $10
2 250 $40 $50
3 750 $100 $150
4 1,500 $150 $300
5 3,000 $300 $600
6 5,000 $400 $1000


If you want to, you can also convert the points into sports of casino bonuses. Here they also have a special bonus system that is described in details on their website. These bonuses don’t have a time limit, and you can convert up to 5 million points each month. The rate is that you get $ 1 for every 100 points.

In order to get points you must pay rake in cash games or pay tournament fees. also gives you the chance to earn 200% of their first deposit when you refer a friend. Don’t get too excited because the maximum amount is limited to $ 100, but you can still make some extra money that you can then use to play and multiply. Poker Promotions

Besides the bonus, players who register their BODOG poker account via RakeAdvisory may benefit also from the various offer of promotions, such as live tournament qualifiers, bad beat bonus, royal flush bonus and many more!




Bodog Poker Rake Structure

The Rake on the website is 5%, with a cap limit of $3. 

Stakes Percentage Rake Cap (maximum rake)
    2 Players 3 Players 4-5 Players 6 Players +
NL25 and below 5% $0.50 $1.50 $1.50 $2.00
NL50 and above 5% $0.50 $1.00 $2.00 $3.00 Traffic and Games


Games and Stakes Played

The average number of players at any hour is around 500 which is quite good. There are no statistics on players and the platform is not compatible with any HEM or PT. 

The available games are:

  • No Limit Holdem with 6 max players
  • No Limit Holdem Heads Up
  • Pot Limit Omaha 6 max
  • Pot Limit Omaha Heads Up

? ?The stakes range from $ 0.02 / $ 0.05 to $ 300 / $ 600. 


Zone Poker Fast Fold Variant

They also have a fun and addictive variation of the game, the fast fold poker which is called Zone Poker on the website. This game takes place really fast and you get to see up to 300 hands per hour, which can definitely increase your overall earnings.   

If you like action and don’t have too much patience with the classic games, the Zone Poker is definitely for you! The stakes here vary from $ 0.02 / $ 0.05 to $ 0.50 / $ 1.

And what really makes a great place to play is the fact that the Zone Poker is available on mobile. So no matter where you are in this world, you can just pull out your phone and play some hands whenever you have some spare minutes. Tournaments

As mentioned before, Bodog has some amazing tournaments, offering prizes of 2 million dollars every single week. They have day tournaments, night tournaments plus the Sunday lineup.

The latter has the biggest prizes for a single tournament, the winner taking away a minimum of $20,000. The total guaranteed prizes are $100K, which is amazing considering that you can buy in for just $162, or qualify from a satellite tournament with as low as $1. There are various satellites during the week that can qualify you, so make sure to take advantage of them! 

Some of the night tournaments have guaranteed prizes of $25,000 and they keep a nice and steady flow of traffic on the website 24/7. They are starting between 8 and 11 PM and have various buy ins ranging from $ 11 to $ 109. 

And besides all of the above mentioned tournaments, also has plenty of Sit N Go-s. Some of them are:

  • The Deep Stack – where you get double the amount of chips you start with
  • Satellite SNGs – where you can qualify for bigger tournaments 
  • The Turbo Tournaments – with various blind levels
  • The Double Up Tournament – in case you make it to the half of the tournament, you will double your buy in 
  • The Triple Up Tournament – if you end up in the top 3 players, you will triple your buy in
  • The Hyper Turbo Tournament – the blind levels change even faster than on Turbo

These types of tournaments have a minimum of 2 players and can go up to 45, and the buy ins can range from as low as $ 1 to as high as $ 215. There are plenty to choose from, but it depends on the time of the day when you sign in. Overall the Sit n Go tournaments on are pretty solid. Payment Options

When it comes to deposits, they have various options to choose from. These are:

- Bank transfer – it doesn’t have any fees and the minimum deposit is that of $ 1,000, while the maximum is $ 100,000

- Credit cards – there are no fees either, and you can deposit between $ 20 and $ 500 

- Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash – you can deposit between $ 20 and $ 5,000, with no fees either, but the processing time might take up to 48 hours

When it comes to withdrawals, the options are a bit more limited. You can choose between:

- Bank transfer – the minimum for a cashout is $ 20 while the maximum is $ 3,000

- Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash – you can withdraw between $ 20 and $ 3,000

They are known to handle cashouts quickly and in a professional way. All transactions are safe and secured, so you shouldn’t have any problems in withdrawing money from Poker Software and Trackers Support


Software Features and Instant Play

The software is modern and works smoothly on all platforms. It is well developed and its strong point are the multi table tournaments that have amazing prizes. They also have some of the best weekly tournaments, with important cash winnings. 

You don’t need to download and install the software in order to play, as it is browser based. Just visit their official website, sign up and start playing right away. The lobby has a classic interface that is quite easy to understand and to learn. Among its cool features we can find:

- The ability to change the design of the table and that of the cards

- The possibility to play in various languages, including Chinese, Spanish and of course…English

- The possibility to add custom animations to the cards for when you are winning

- The possibility to see what the next card would have been in case you fold (this is called the Rabbit Cam)

- The Spotlight – this features allows you to follow the action precisely around the table. This feature is definitely useful for beginners, since at first it’s very easy to lose your focus and to not know which player’s turn is or what’s happening exactly. And it also comes in very handy when you play multi-tables, since it’s quite difficult to remember where you left at each of the tables

- On the screen you will see the total pot, the value of the bet, the strength of the hand and also the folded hands

- The deck has 4 colors

You can change the size of the screen according to your personal preferences. You can choose between the full screen mode, cascading tiles or a squared shape resizable grid. 

Their mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS, so you can play poker on your phone or tablet wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection. 


Anonymous Tables

In a very competitive world of online poker, many players are relying too heavily on HUD and tracking software. This can definitely bring a huge advantage to experienced players that know how to use the software, but it can be very unfortunate for recreational players. 

Such software can show the entire history of a player and reveal his weaknesses. This way a player can be tracked wherever he goes and taken advantage of. But anonymous tables eliminate this possibility. The screen names of all players are simply hidden, and everyone gets generic names like “Player 1”, “Player 2” and so on.  When changing tables, this number also changes, so people can’t be tracked.

This option makes a safe place for recreational players, where they can play without worrying that others will take advantage of them. Here everyone has to rely on their knowledge, gut feeling and luck…and not on any software. All tracking, hotkey and mining programs are strictly prohibited here.

While many professional players will choose not to play here, the website is a great place for recreational players. 


BODOG.EU RESTRICTED COUNTRIES is only available for Canada (excluding Quebec). Don’t get confused, because and are 2 different platforms ran by 2 different companies. As mentioned before, is focused on the Canadian market.

What they do have in common with other platforms including Ignition Casino, is the same pool of players. This allows all platforms to have good traffic and a large variety of games, and they all benefit from this. Don’t worry because the partners of have the same strict security features in order to offer a fair game for everyone. 

So even though you can only sign up on if you live in Canada, you will end up playing with American players too (or other nations). This is a bit strange in some way, but it’s also very beneficial for Bodog. The large pool of players allows them to be in the top 10 websites in the world when it comes to traffic.