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35% Flat WC + 200% WB

BestPoker Overview

  • Rakeback Date Permanent
  • Rakeback Payment Poker Account
  • Rake Method Calculation Player Value Index (PVI)
  • Cashout Duration 24-48hrs
  • Cashout Payment Direct Cashier
  • Trackers Support Not Available
  • High Stakes Action Up to NL1000
  • MTT & SNG fees Included in rakeback calculation


RakeAdvisory offers the best iPoker Network rakeback for BestPoker:

- First Deposit Bonus: 200% up to 2,000 EUR welcome bonus

- VIP Rakeback: Up to 35% VIP rakeback boosted by RakeAdvisory to 35% for high volume rake players

- RakeAdvisory Special Rewards: additional rewards might be offered on request for those who contact us at skype ID: rakeadvisory


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Asian Poker has started to experience a boom in late 2017 and the start of 2018 after the launch of chinese poker apps and a massive traffic increase for the biggest asian poker networks: IDN Poker and GG Network. Being the second Asian poker network in terms of traffic for cash games, GGNetwork hosts both No Limit Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha cash games and the field is relatively juicy as compared to mainstream poker operators.

BestPoker is one of the most important GG Network skins. It is operated by BestBet Ltd., a company licensed in Curacao. BestPoker is the former skin of Ongame Network, which was exited in late 2016 to join the Asian poker network. It offers decent traffic as well as a weak player pool, full of fish. Cash games grinders will find themselves fast making a profit, having a substantial winrate, to which they will add the great cashback that we provide, thus maximizing GGNetwork rakeback by registering their poker account at BestPoker through RakeAdvisory.

Based on our BestPoker review, the asian poker site offers the most competitive VIP system on the market, with up to 100% rakeback for players, as well as exciting promotions with huge cash prizes, like $100,000 leaderboards and rake races. Below you can see the main pros and cons for the GG Network skin which is probably one of the best places for grinding No Limit Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha cash games in 2018. 


BestPoker Pros and Cons


  • Part of the second biggest asian poker network
  • Unlimited multi-tabling for NLHE and PLO
  • Low rake as compared with the mainstream networks
  • Nice Welcome Package with a 100% up to $2000 first deposit bonus
  • Most rewarding VIP system in online poker with up to 100% rakeback
  • Huge cash prizes through various rake races with more than 100.000$ prize pool
  • Soft games with plenty of asian recreational players


  • Poker trackers are not allowed
  • Heads up games are not available
  • Omaha rake is uncapped

‚ÄčL.E. Beginning with July 2020, BestPoker migrated to iPoker Network. For more information please contact us at skype ID: rakeadvisory


Fish Buffet Loyalty System

Move up in VIP levels and win your share of up to 100% rakeback at GG Network by spinning the wheel through the new Fish Buffet loyalty system, which is perhaps the most rewarding VIP system in 2018 for an Asian poker site.

As our BestPoker review has shown us, Fish Buffet is a new rewards program where you can earn insane cash prizes once you climb in levels, according to the VIP system. All you have to do is to earn Fish Buffet points while you play and maximize your GG Network rakeback.


GG Network VIP Rakeback

Each time you are spinning the wheel, you can earn up to 100% GG Network rakeback. Nevertheless, our BestPoker review has shown that the average or expected cashback at the highest VIP level is 50%. This translates into the following fact: while on short term you can get lucky and earn even 100% cashback in one month, on the long run, by getting the highest VIP level, you can expect to earn 50% rakeback on average while playing poker at BestPoker, probably the best Asian poker site. 

In order to level up, you need to play at BestPoker tables. and you will receive 1 fish buffet point for every cent paid in rake. You will start by default from the Plankton level and when you have met the minimum requirements to level up, you will get to the next level. When you get to a new level, you are given the chance to spin the wheel and earn different rewards. The remaining FPs after reaching a new level will be credited to the next level, so nothing is lost and your BestPoker rakeback is not jeopardized.

According to our BestPoker review, if you do not earn the required FPs in the specified time frame, you will be downgraded to the previous VIP level, while your points will expire and you will receive only 10% cashback on them.


VIP Structure and Rewards

Our BestPoker review shows that the structure of the Fish Buffet VIP loyalty system is composed on several VIP statuses (Plankton, Shrimp, Goldfish, Crab, Octopus, Whale, Shark) and a total of 24 intermediate levels which have different requirements based on how many FP you need and the time frame in which you can acquire them. Below you can notice more details of how the fish buffet VIP system works and how much BestPoker rakeback you can expect to receive.


Status Level FPPs Required Timeframe Prize Range Expected Cashback
Shark Black 100000 30 Days $100 - $1000 50%
  Diamond       49%
  Platinum       48%
  Gold       47%
  Silver       46%
  Bronze       45%
Whale Diamond 40000 15 Days $40 - $320 44%
  Platinum       43%
  Gold       42%
  Silver       41%
  Bronze       40%
Octopus Diamond 15000 7 Days $15 - $90 36%
  Platinum       35%
  Gold       34%
  Silver       33%
  Bronze       32%
Crab Gold 5000 3 Days $5 - $25 32%
  Silver       30%
  Bronze       28%
Goldfish Gold 1500 1 Day $1.5 - $6 28%
  Silver       25%
  Bronze       22%
Shrimp   1000 1 Day $1 - $3 20%
Plankton   500 1 Day $0.5 - $1.5 15%


When you get to a new level, you get a new spin of the wheel to win a cash prize which can be obtained immediately or later in the “My bonus” section within your BestPoker account. Rewards will be transferred directly to your poker account when the spin has ended and you won a cash prize while wheel spins which have not been opened will be automatically opened in 30 days and cash prize transferred to your account. Therefore, spins rewards do not expire and you do not lose them if you do not claim them. They will be automatically gained when the time expires but you will lose the excitement of running the wheel while maximizing your GG Network rakeback.

Please take into account that the online poker room reserves its right to amend this promotion and therefore each cash prize is subject to changes based on your player profile. Check out the probability to earn different rewards in the table below, by reaching the highest VIP Status, Shark, which gives you the chance to earn up to 100% BestPoker rakeback. You have almost 15% equity to get the maximum GG Network rakeback according to our BestPoker review.


Prize Shark $1000 $800 $600 $400 $250 $100
Cashback %   100% 80% 60% 40% 25% 10%
Frequency Black 14759 in 100000 15741 in 100000 16222 in 100000 17010 in 100000 17836 in 100000 18702 in 100000
  Diamond 14025 in 100000 14986 in 100000 16017 in 100000 17199 in 100000 18297 in 100000 19556 in 100000
  Platinum 13310 in 100000 14498 in 100000 15796 in 100000 17211 in 100000 18753 in 100000 20432 in 100000
  Gold 12611 in 100000 14007 in 100000 15560 in 100000 17286 in 100000 19203 in 100000 21333 in 100000
  Silver 11931 in 100000 13513 in 100000 15309 in 100000 17343 in 100000 19647 in 100000 22257 in 100000
  Bronze 11268 in 100000 13017 in 10000 15042 in 100000 17381 in 100000 20084 in 100000 23208 in 100000

Please be aware that this Fish Buffet loyalty system offered by GGNetwork can be stopped anytime if any players are under suspicion of any fraudulent activity, such as, but not limited to chip dumping, collusion or usage of third party software. Nevertheless, you are allowed to multi-table and mass grind against weak recreational players and thus get up to 100% BestPoker rakeback at GG Network.

GG Network is known to be one of the most secure and strict online poker networks, by not allowing any third party software such as external poker trackers and banning bots. In this way, they maintain a healthy poker ecosystem which is exciting for recreational players and profitable for serious grinders who enjoy playing on an Asian poker site.


‚ÄčRakeAdvisory Exclusive Benefits

By registering your BestPoker account through RakeAdvisory, you are guaranteed a 50% rakeback on a monthly basis, no matter how much GG Network rakeback you get through Fish Buffet Loyalty system. This 50% GG Network rakeback is composed of Fish Buffet VIP System cashback + extra rakeback offered by RakeAdvisory. The GG Network extra rakeback offered by RakeAdvisory is paid only if all BestPoker points are used and exchanged into cash by the end of every month.

Therefore, if for instance you receive in one month 35% BestPoker rakeback through the VIP system, we add the difference up to 50% into your poker account. On the other hand, if you receive more than 50% throught the VIP system, you keep the difference as an extra bonus. In conclusion, by choosing RakeAdvisory as your global poker partner, you will get between 50% and 100% BestPoker rakeback deal.


BestPoker is offering their customers a First Deposit bonus, beginning with 1st of May 2018. Bonus offered is 100% up to $2000 and its validity is 90 days so you have 3 months to release it, from the moment of deposit. This is an excellent revenue stream which helps you increase your BestPoker rakeback deal.

For each 10 Dollar of generated rake, you will receive 1 Dollar bonus, therefore the bonus is equivalent to 10% gross rakeback. This makes it extremely easy and affordable for any player to harvest the bonus in so small increments of only 1$, without having to use any pending bonus amount. While first deposit bonus is active, you benefit from 10% additional GG Network rakeback, on top of BestPoker rakeback gained from Fish Buffet VIP system. Therefore, while initial deposit is active, you will earn 60% total rakeback at GG Network.

Your BestPoker First Deposit Bonus must be activated and you can do this in My Bonuses section in the poker client where you have to click on “Welcome Bonus” tab.


BestPoker offers some very rewarding promotions to its players, thus being probably the best GG Network skin for high volume rake players, who can exploit them to win extra cashback, being an excellent source for increasing your BestPoker rakeback deal. Below you have the main BestPoker promotions which are not only thrilling but, as stated above, very profitable:

  • $100,000 Holdem Chase
  • Weekly Mission
  • $100,000 AoF Festival
  • $100,000 MTT Race
  • Big Hand JackPot
  • New Player Freeroll
  • Twitch Promo
  • AoF JackPot


$100,000 Hold’em Chase

Bestpoker is offering again Hold’em Chase promotion, offering you the chance to chase down your share of $100,000 just by playing No Limit Texas Holdem cash games within GG Network.

You earn Chase points for every hand you play in Texas Holdem and once you collected the required points for each level, you will win instant cash rewards! There are 4 thresholds/levels for this Holdem chase. Please be aware there is a limited amount of cash rewards per level. Check the table below to see how much you can win at each level so that you can increase your BestPoker rakeback deal.

Level Points Required Potential Winners Cash Prize
1 350,000 250 $100
2 1,200,000 75 $400
3 5,000,000 15 $2,500
4 11,000,000 1 $7,500


Weekly Mission

Beginners can win their seat into a “Mission Complete $5,000 Freeroll” by completing at least five missions each week, according to our BestPoker review.

You can hit the missions daily, having the chance to complete three missions per day. Only one mission per day is counted for the weekly mission promotion. The minimum amount of completed missions is five, but completing more of them, give them the chance to join the freeroll with extra free chips. 

In order to complete the Weekly Missions you have to check the Weekly Mission page and open the mission you want. You have to choose 1 of the 3 missions for the day and play for completing it. You need to complete at least 5 per week (which is considered from Sunday to Saturday) and receive automatic registration to the Mission Complete $5000 Freeroll where you will claim your prize.

Here are the details of the Mission Complete $5000 Freeroll:

  • Date: Every Sunday 14:00 (UTC+0)
  • Type: No Limit Texas Holdem
  • GTD cash prize: $ 5,000 
  • Registration: Eligible players are automatically registered
  • Starting Chips: all participants who have completed the five missions, receive 2,000 starting chips. Those who completed 6 missions get 4,000 chips, while the maximum number of chips is offered to players who completed all missions - 10,000 chips


$100,000 All in or Fold Festival

If you play All in or Fold games, you will be automatically invited in the all in tournaments for a shot at the prizes. You can increase your BestPoker rakeback while playing your favorite AoF cash games.

You need to play the required amount of hands for each stake to receive an invitation to AoF Festival tournaments. You can win extra prizes by participating daily into AoF MTTs. Besides the daily MTTs, there are also some which take place weekly, but in order to participate you need to play at least 3,000 hands at all in or fold games.

$100,000 MTT Race

Every month a prize pool of $100000 is shared between top 100 tournament grinders. All you need to do is to accumulate points counting for the leaderboard by playing MTTs, in order to win extra prizes consisting of tournament tickets. First place is guaranteed at 10,000$ tournament ticket. The full Leaderboard can be checked on BestPoker website, under the promotions section.

Big Hand Jackpot

This is one of the most exciting BestPoker promotions. Every time when you are playing Holdem and Omaha cash games, you earn a chance for an instant cash prize by hitting the jackpot. What you have to do is to make one of the jackpot hands: Royal Flush, Straight Flush and Quads, but you also need to meet some specific requirements, like for instance to have invested at least 10BBs into the pot or use your both hole cards before making the jackpot hand. Also please be aware of the fact that in order to be eligible for the jackpot, you have to go to the showdown to win your prize.

Our BestPoker review has shown that the payout of the Big Hand Jackpot varies based on the stakes from which the jackpot hand is played. Nevertheless, no matter which stakes are played, they all share the same jackpot percentage for hitting the jackpot hand. Jackpot payout will be made as resulted from the table below.

JackPot Hand Holdem Omaha
Royal Flush 50% 25%
Straight Flush 20% 10%
Quads 5% 2.5%


New Players Freeroll

This interesting BestPoker promotion applies to beginners who can build their free poker bankroll. To be eligible to participate into this 1,000$ GTD freeroll, players have to make a minimum deposit of 10$. Below you have all the details for the weekly freeroll.

  • Date: Every Sunday
  • Time: 20:00 CET
  • Entry: Free Tournament Ticket
  • Type: No Limit Texas Holdem 
  • Starting Chips: 5,000
  • Blind Levels: every 5 minutes
  • Prize Pool: 1,000$


Twitch Promo

During every week, BestPoker is hosting Twitch coaching videos where players can learn how to play poker online at different stakes. By participating into the live streaming, they are also given the chance to win some giveaways by answering questions or doing some practical tasks. The Twitch is organized by BestPoker every two weeks and usually takes two hours. 


All in or Fold JackPot

Test your luck with All in or Fold cash games and you might hit the Jackpot by completing a Straight Flush using both of your hole cards in NLHE or by completing a Royal Flush in Omaha. To be eligible for the jackpot, you have to go to the showdown. 44% of the rake generated at AoF tables will go to the JackPot fund while playing on the Asian poker network.


GG Network Rake Method

GG Network uses a rake redistribution method similar with the ones used by other poker networks such as iPoker, Ongame or Microgaming Poker Network. It is called Player Value Index (PVI) and it is used as a multiplier applied to player's rake to develop the actual rake. The formula is as follows:

Actual Rake= PVI * Gross Rake, where gross rake is the total rake per pot generated by the player and PVI is the multiplier, which ranges between 0 and 2. Winners have a lower index (multiplier) than the losing players. In this way, rake is redistributed from winners to losing players, but in a smaller portion as compared with other rake redistribution methods. The PVI resets every new month.

RakeAdvisory provides updated rake stats on request on a daily basis for players who reach out and get in touch with us on skype. In this way, you can gradually notice how much you rake while multi-tabling on the Asian poker network.


Holdem Rake Structure

As you may notice in the table below, GG Network charges a small rake between 2.5% and 5% for most of the stakes. Rake cap values fluctuate between 1$ and 15$, depending on the limits. It is important to mention that all pots below 2.5 big blinds are not charged any rake. So the rake charged for Holdem cash games can be even lower than 2.5% in some cases.


Stakes Minimum Buy In Rake per Pot Rake Percentage Rake Cap
NL10 $1 $0.01 per $0.20 in the pot 2.5% - 5% $1
NL25 $3 $0.01 per $0.20 in the pot 2.5% - 5% $2
NL50 $10 $0.05 per $1 in the pot 2.5% - 5% $4
NL100 $20 $0.10 per $2 in the pot 2.5% - 5% $5
NL200 $40 $0.20 per $4 in the pot 2.5% - 5% $6
NL400 $100 $0.40 per $8 in the pot 2.5% - 5% $8
NL1K $300 $2 per 40$ in the pot 2.5% - 5% $10
NL5K $1,000 5% 5% $10
NL10K $1,000 5% 5% $15
NL20K $5,000 5% 5% $15


Omaha Rake Structure

As compared with Holdem, Omaha rake is uncapped and not taken per pot, but as a percentage. Therefore, rake is fixed at 3% for all Pot Limit Omaha cash games. Pots below 2.5 big blinds are not taken into account and therefore not charged any rake. GG Network currently stands out as one of the online poker networks having the lowest rake for Omaha.


Stakes Minimum Buy In Rake Percentage
PLO10 $1 3%
PLO25 $2.5 3%
PLO50 $5 3%
PLO100 $10 3%
PLO200 $20 3%
PLO400 $40 3%
PLO600 $100 3%
PLO1K $200 3%
PLO5K $1,000 3%


Multi Table Tournaments Rake Structure

GG Network charges the lowest rake in the industry for MTTs and Sit & Gos as well. While most of the online poker operators charge players with an average of 10% for tournaments, BestPoker currently takes only 5% in fees from the initial buy in amount. This makes BestPoker one of the best MTT online poker rooms in terms of low rake charged, based on our BestPoker review findings.


GGNetwork is currently placed of the 4th - 6th place according to PokerScout traffic ranking, with more than 10000 online players during peak times and an average of 1400 cash games players.
Party Poker and Winamax.FR have similar numbers of cash players on average.

In BestPoker you can play both Holdem and Omaha.


Holdem Traffic Report

BestPoker is offering the following Holdem game types:

Standard Cash Games with 6 and 9 seats tables. It is worth to mention HU games are not available in BestPoker. Lowest tables you can play have $0.05 / $.10 blinds while the highest are $100 / $200. Decent traffic can be found almost every day, up to $5 / $10.

All in or Fold Cash Games which represent a new variation where you only have the options of going all in or folding. These games are played at 4max tables, starting from $0.10 / $0.25 up to $50 / $100. Decent traffic can be found up to $5 / $10.

Multi Table Tournaments are available from free entries one up to $200 buyins. They have standard tournaments and guaranteed prizes events.


Omaha Traffic Report

In BestPoker you can play the following Omaha game types:

Standard Omaha Games at 6max tables only. They are not offering 9max or HeadsUp tables. Stakes vary from $0.05 / $0.10 up to $100 / $200 but daily action can be found up to $5 / $10.

All in or Fold Cash Games from $0.25 / $0.50 up to $100 / $200 but there are very few players who join these games from time to time only.

Multi Table Tournaments series called Omaholic with Omaholic Bounty variation with buyins ranging from $1 to $11.


BestPoker is offering direct cashier to their customers, meaning everyone can deposit using their own ewallets, cards or bank accounts.

For both depositing and withdrawing you have the following options: ewallets (Skrill and Neteller) where cashouts take up to 24 hours, credit cards (VISA and MasterCard) where cashouts take up to 3 days and bank transfer where it takes up to 5 days to withdraw money.



BestPoker is available for players in all possible versions, except in-browser play. You can download and install BestPoker software for the following versions:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android


GGNetwork policy forbids the use of third party tracking software in order to create statistics of opponents games. Therefore, poker trackers such as HM2 and PT4 are not supported by GG Network software and players cannot use HUD at the tables. They can however access an internal tracker provided by the Asian poker network, which will be detailed below. Hand grabbers and converters are not available for GG Network. 


VPN is not required in BestPoker. However, if you find yourself on the restricted countries list, you should contact us to discuss the alternatives for playing in Asian GG Network.


Given the situation, BestPoker client is trying to compensate this by offering several features:

  • Smart HUD
  • All In Insurance
  • Poker Craft
  • Table Features
  • Tournament Staking
  • Tournament Re-Entry
  • Tournament Final Table Features


Smart Hud

This HUD helps you make an idea about the game style of your opponents, by showing a few stats about their play. It is not as advanced as Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker, but you will still be able to draw their tendencies and adjust your play accordingly.

It can be used in all games offered by BestPoker. In case of cash games, the smart HuD presents your stats against specific players; in case of all in or fold (AoF) games, you will have access to stats showing the percentages of hands pushed from different positions; in case of tournaments you will have a few details about your opponents’ general earnings and their places in the leaderboard. 


All In Insurance

This is a feature offered by GGNetwork software which give the players the opportunity of insuring the chips they invested in a pot when they went all in. Only the favourite (in a 2 player pot) has this advantage and he will have have the option to get insured for the Turn on the Flop and for the River on the Turn. During the time the favourite is offered this option, the player behind can choose the number of runs for the remaining cards, from Run It Once to Run It Three Times.This option will be available only in case the favourite chooses not to accept All In Insurance, otherwise the hand will be only dealt once.

All In Insurance is offered only when a few conditions are met, like: only the favourite is offered this option, pot has to be at least 10 big blinds, there are maximum 14 outs which can reverse the hand, pot must be played by 2 players only.

This feature has 2 related terms:
Premium - this is the charge you are supposed to pay if you decide to accept it
Claim - this is the sum you will receive if you lose the hand


Poker Craft

This is a feature showing several stats of your poker activity. It has several tabs, each of them showing different indicators:

  • Overview tab - shows information like Total Win / Loss, Daily Winning Rate, Longest Win Streak, Average Luck and it also has a Calendar where you can check your net earning per day.
  • Holdem tab - shows statistics about your past games, among which you can make an idea about your playing style and your luck at the tables.
  • Holdem and Omaha Game History - shows information about your sessions and hands offering the opportunity of analyzing your game and exporting your hands to social media.
  • Holdem and Omaha Win Loss - is a tab with a graph which shows your balance over time, showing stats like expected value as well.
  • Holdem and Omaha Hole Cards Matrix - displays all the possible hands and indicates the earnings for each of them.
  • Holdem and Omaha Position - shows the amounts you earned on each position at the table during your game sessions.
  • Holdem and Omaha Opponents - this section offers information about the amounts you earned from the players you encountered at the tables.
  • All In or Fold - this section shows general information about your activity at All In or Fold tables during your sessions.
  • Fortune Spin - this section offers information about your past activity at Fortune Spin including the Cookie Cards earned and your past activity at spinning.
  • Fortune Spin Chip Graph - this section indicates the route of chips in specific Fortune Spin sngs, taking into consideration all hands played.

Table Features

BestPoker is offering the following features at the tables: Straddle, Deal Choice, Showdown, Table Chat, Mobile, PC, Chat Mute, Show Card option, Shout Out, Move Table, The Heat, Rabbit Hunt, Hand History information, Universal Player Note.

Their Mobile software version is available for both iOS and Android, while their PC software version is offered for both Windows and MAC, but they do not offer to possibility of playing from browser.

Tournament Staking

This is an option which allows you to sell action at tournaments or buy action from other players whom you consider capable of winning.

Please be aware this feature is offered for player to player staking only and you can lose your investment in case the players you staked do not get to winning places and nobody is responsible for that loss.

GGNetwork poker client has a section called Staking Profile which displays info when you decide to sell action and this info is visible to other players who might invest.

Tournament Re-entry

This is a feature that allows you to join a tournament even though you have been kicked out. So, if you lose your stack, you will have few seconds to decide if you want to rejoin the tournament. If you do not want to do it immediately, you can still do it until the late registration time finishes.

Tournament Final Table Features

GGNetwork is trying to offer the players who reach final tables at tournaments an unique experience by offering several features like the opportunity to switch your seat, to make a deal and by also showing a game clock.

Please be aware these features are not offered in case of free entry tournaments, satellites and their specific T$ Builder and it is required there are at least 30 entries in case of 6max tournaments and 50 entries in case of 9max tables.

Seats Switching is an option which can be used before the final table of the tournament starts, allowing players to switch seats according to their stacks size, starting with the lowest one, giving the leader the opportunity to act the last when choosing his seat. There is a 30 seconds window for acting when choosing seats.

Deal Making is activated by clicking the Deal button from the table but in order to get this finalized, all remaining players must accept it and then the prizes will be awarded according to ICM split. Then, the play will continue in order to establish the number of points each player will get for Tournament Leaderboard.

ICM which means Independent Chip Model, is a method for splitting the chips proposed by GGNetwork, which takes into consideration the stacks of the players at a given moment, but without considering aspects like the bubble position, the stage of the tournament and players skills.

Game Clock offers players a specific amount of time (between 1 and 15 minutes) for all their decisions from that moment on. When this amount of time is consumed, players will only have 5 seconds per move.

BestPoker Other Information

Because of online poker legislation, some poker rooms cannot accept players from all countries. In case of BestPoker the customers from the countries below are not allowed to register accounts and play:

Afghanistan, Algeria , Albania, American Samoa, Angola, Bahrain, Belize, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bonaire Saint Eustatius and Saba, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cuba, Curaçao, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, India, Jordan, Kuwait, Liberia, Latvia, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Norfolk Island, Oman, Palestinian Territory Occupied, Philippines, Portugal Rwanda, Romania, Saint Martin (French part), Seychelles, Somalia, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Sudan, Singapore, Spain, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Yemen.

Not all skins of GGNetwork have the same list of restricted countries, so if you are from one of the countries from above, please get in touch with us on Skype RakeAdvisory, in order to discuss the available options.

Account retags are possible in some specific circumstances, so please get in touch with us as well if you need your account retagged. This becomes mandatory if you're willing to get access to the best BestPoker rakeback deal available and maximize your GG Network rakeback.