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Asian Poker Apps Review: PPPoker versus PokerMaster

One of the latest trends in the world of online poker is that of Asian poker apps. Today we’ll discuss more details about 2 of the most popular poker apps from Asia, PPPoker and PokerMaster.

Let’s begin with PPPoker, which is now the best Chinese site to play poker and Omaha in 2018. They have great deals with more than 15 clubs from all over the world and also strict policies against collusion and other cheating techniques. It is a safe and secure website with guaranteed funds. 

They have a standard rake structure and a fixed rakeback, low fees on withdrawals and a minimum deposit of $200. PPPoker works with a PC client which also has a HUD for displaying statistics. The transfers among clubs are very fast and don’t include a commission. 

Now let’s see one of the competitors, which is PokerMaster. It’s one of the largest and most popular Asian poker apps and it was the first one to start this trend of Asian apps being used by people from Europe and America. It offers a large selection of games and includes more than 100 clubs and more than 1000 tables. The funds are deposited and cashed out safely through RakeAdvisory and they also have a  very low withdrawal fee - only 3%.

But among the cons of PokerMaster there is the fact that many Omaha tables have collusion, that the HUD only works with an additional software and that the minimum deposit is very high - $1,500. While rumors are saying that you will become a millionaire if you play on PokerMaster, the odds are the same as on any other platform and they depend on so many factors. Nothing and no one can guarantee that you will win, so if you ever hear such claims from a website, make sure to avoid it!

In terms of traffic, PokerMaster is still a more popular Asian poker app than PPPoker. But considering all of the aspects mentioned above, PPPoker is more popular at the moment and more versatile in terms of poker games offered. 6-max tables prevail in this app, so this is a great place for those who don’t want to deposit such a large amount to begin with, and for the fans of short tables. 

PokerMaster is still a good choice, but for those who are playing medium and high stakes and who prefer tables of 8 or 9. Which is your favorite Asian Poker app? Let us know by sending your feedback at [email protected] or by getting in touch with us on skype: ID rakeadvisory

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