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Up to 50%

ShenPoker - IDN Poker Overview

  • Rakeback Date 5th day of every month
  • Rakeback Payment Poker Account
  • Rake Method Calculation Weighted Contributed
  • Cashout Duration 24 hours
  • Cashout Payment Direct Cashier
  • Trackers Support Not Available
  • High Stakes Action Up to NL3000
  • MTT & SNG fees Included in rakeback calculations

ShenPoker - IDN Poker Rakeback Deal

RakeAdvisory is offering players who want to join ShenPoker - IDN Poker the following deal:

- VIP Rakeback: up to 40% paid monthly into your poker account

- Monthly Rake Race: up to 10% extra rakeback and 70,000,000 MYR prize pool

Free multi-tabling feature to grind on IDN Network

Players who would like to register at ShenPoker - IDN Poker may contact us on skype: ID rakeadvisory to receive more details.


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IDN Poker Network Review

ShenPoker is the flagship of IDN Poker, which is currently the biggest Asian poker network in the industry, with more than 10,000 connections at any hour. The huge traffic numbers can be explained by the Asian poker boom which has started in 2017 and continues to expand in 2018. 

As you may notice from our IDN Poker review, the Asian poker network has surpassed all traditional online poker operators, except PokerStars, due to its exposure to the Asian market. They target mostly customers from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan and other asian countries. While officially they do not accept players from non-Asian countries, under the record we can confirm that players can register through RakeAdvisory from all over the world, by simply using a VPN, while we intermediate their transactions.

ShenPoker has proven to be the most trustful and reliable online poker operator that activates within IDNPlay, the official brand of the Asian poker network. It provides fast and secure transactions through mainstream e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller and also offers two factor authentication when you login, thus guaranteeing safety of your account. This measure has found to be helpful since there have been some rumors on forums about some unsecure skins and players claiming their accounts being broken. While playing with us at IDNPlay, you will benefit from the best conditions and safety is our biggest ally. 

Based on our IDN Poker review conducted by professional advisors, we have made a list of main pros and cons that may help you easily make a decision whether or not to register at ShenPoker. Please use affiliate code 001975 upon registration.


ShenPoker Pros and Cons


  • Part of the biggest Asian Poker Network with more than 10,000 players online
  • Probably the fishiest Asian poker field with plenty of recreational players
  • Private VIP Rakeback Deal offered by RakeAdvisory
  • Excellent place for grinding NLHE and PLO cash games at almost all stakes
  • Available for European players who can register and play using a VPN
  • Exclusive multitabling capacity offered by RakeAdvisory to worldwide grinders
  • Very Low Rake for Cash Games: only 3%
  • RNG tested and found to be reliable


  • There are rumors of being a bot network on poker forums
  • Too many short stackers (most of the players join the tables with 20bbs)
  • No downloadable client (you can choose the mobile or in-browser play versions)
  • Multi-tabling is not user friendly and CPU usage is high
  • VPN is required for restricted countries
  • Rake is uncapped and computed from uncalled bets as well

ShenPoker Private VIP System


RakeAdvisory Exclusive Benefits at ShenPoker

RakeAdvisory offers a private VIP system for players who register at ShenPoker with us. While the private VIP system runs, the public rakeback plan is deactivated. Players who register directly at ShenPoker receive a lower rakeback deal, whereas RakeAdvisory players may earn up to 40% at IDN Poker based on the private VIP system.


ShenPoker Private VIP Structure and Rewards

The lowest RB you can receive by registering through RakeAdvisory is 20% for raking the minimum amount of 25 MYR. By playing more and increasing your limits, you can rake more and therefore gain a better rakeback deal. We offer the best available rakeback deal for IDN Poker. All rake and rakeback are counted based on Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). Below you can find all the details of the private VIP system.


Rake Requirements (MYR) IDN Poker Rakeback Deal
<500 20%
501 - 2,500 30%
2,500 - 5,000 35%
5,000+ 40%


Important Rules For Players

Beginning with May 2019, the following rules have come into force for all current and future ShenPoker players:

1. Currency Conversion Rates for payout will be based on local RHB Malaysia Bank

2. Transaction of Skrill payment getaway will be using only once currency which is USD. No other currency apart from mentioned one will be accepted.

3. Every deposit/moving chips require turnover x1 to withdraw which applies to all users.

4. A single player may have more than one user account but playing on the same table is strictly prohibited. Once caught, players risk getting their accounts banned and losing their money.

5. Players have to rake at least 25 MYR/week (for every single account they use) to be eligible to receive any rakeback payment and private VIP rewards.

No exception will be made to these rules, so read them carefully because we will not be able to update every single player and they have already come into force. 


ShenPoker Bonus at IDNPlay

Currently, there is no first deposit bonus offered by ShenPoker because all RakeAdvisory players are on a private rakeback deal which rewards them with up to 50% rakeback on aggregate, a much better offer than the public benefits offered by ShenPoker. With our monthly gross rakeback plans, you have the chance to harvest more rakeback than any limited time deposit bonus. Of course, beginners might be more attracted by bonuses, but grinders are eventually interested in how much rakeback they get from an online poker room. 


ShenPoker Promotions

Being part of the fishiest Asian poker fields, ShenPoker hosts a multitude of poker promotions which are designed to attract especially recreational players. Unlike traditional poker networks, most of the traffic at IDNPlay is composed of amateurs and gamblers who enjoy playing with the minimum buy-in and have fun at the tables. Below you have all the details of the two most exciting ShenPoker promotions which are currently offered at IDN Poker:

  • Free Fortune Spin
  • 70,000,000 MYR Monthly Rake Race


Free Fortune Spin

New players who register at ShenPoker and play within IDN Poker are entitled to receive a free ticket after they have made their initial deposit. The Fortune Spin coupon has to be used within 3 days after has been received, before expiring. To get extra free spins, you have to reach turnover thresholds as follows:

Turnover Thresholds Tickets
RM 601 - RM 1,900 1 Ticket
RM 1,901 - RM 5,500 2 Tickets
RM 5,501 - RM 21,500 4 Tickets
RM 21,500+ 7 Tickets

Free spins are exciting for recreational players but can also be a source of extra rakeback for regular players. Please check your account on a regular basis to benefit from the free tickets you might receive, before expiring.


70,000,000 MYR Monthly Rake Race

While playing at ShenPoker, you are also automatically subscribed to a monthly rake race with prize pool of 70,000,000 MYR. This ShenPoker promotion only applies for Texas Holdem Ring games. Prizes are awarded based on players’ position into the leaderboard at the end of each month. The winning players will receive their prizes credited directly into their accounts after the 5th day of each month. Below you have the top 10 rake race prizes. Players who hold places between 11th and 50th in the leaderboard will also be rewarded with a VIP badge.

Place Prize (MYR)
1st  8,823.50 
2nd  4,411.80 
3rd 2,205.90
4th - 10th 735.30


IDN Poker Rake Structure


ShenPoker Rake Calculation Method

Being one of the main skins of the network, ShenPoker uses the same rake calculation method as all the other operators within IDN Poker Network. Unlike many other operators such as iPoker or GG Network, IDNPlay does not use any rake redistribution method. Instead, it uses a traditional weighted contributed rake method, which is quite common for most global poker networks. Basically, a percentage is taken from each pot to which players have contributed.


ShenPoker Rake Structure and Cap Values

While the average rake percentage perceived in online poker is 5%, IDNPlay only charges 3% for its Texas Holdem and Omaha cash games. This makes the Asian poker network very rake friendly for international players who can play against weak Asian players while paying less rake than on mainstream networks. Mass grinding on IDNPlay is a smart choice since multi-tabling is possible via RakeAdvisory and you don’t have to think much or make complicated decisions, the game flow being pretty much straight forward, with many weak players who play short stack. An ABC game will do the job, that’s why many of the international grinders prefer to only shove/fold preflop, a similar strategy with that used at hyper turbo SNGs.

Stakes Rake% Rake Cap
All Stakes 3% Uncapped

As you can notice from the table above, rake is 3% for all stakes, for both NLHE and PLO. However, there is no rake cap at IDNPlay, which can be considered a disadvantage but the low rake compensates for it, helping you maximize your win rate at ShenPoker.

IDN Poker Traffic Overview

According to PokerScout Traffic Reports, IDN Poker has more than 10,000 players online at any hour of the day or night. At peak hours you can even see more than 20,000 connections, which is really impressive for online poker in 2018. Therefore, you will always find games for your stakes, including full ring games. The Asian poker boom is related to the high traffic numbers. For instance, on a weekly average, there are more than 5,000 cash games players at IDNPlay, while at peak hours you can find more than 8,000. 


ShenPoker Games and Currency

ShenPoker offers a multitude of poker games, some of them very niched and unknown by international grinders. At IDNPlay you can find everything from Texas Holdem to Omaha, CEME, Capsa Susun, Super10 or Domino.

At IDNPlay games are played in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah), where 1 USD is about 15,000 IDR. However, when you login into your ShenPoker account, you will notice that the main balance is in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit), where 1 MYR = 0.24 USD. 

IDN Poker review will only be focused on Texas Holdem and Omaha cash games, where most action takes place and which are very popular among worldwide grinders. It’s important to mention that while most tables are in the 6-max format, at IDNPlay you can as well find plenty of 9-max tables to grind. There are both normal and turbo tables where you have less time to act. The traffic is overwhelming at all stakes. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that Heads Up cash games are not running at IDNPlay.


Texas Holdem and Omaha Stakes

IDNPlay NLHE and PLO stakes have been classified into the following categories:

  • Smallest - from 5/100 IDR to 200/400 IDR
  • Small - 500/1,000 IDR
  • Medium - 1,000/2,000 IDR
  • Large - 2,500/5,000 IDR
  • VIP - 5,000/10,000 IDR up to 300,000/600,000 IDR


Multitabling at IDN Poker Network

It is important to mention that, besides the fact of being part of the biggest Asian poker network, IDNPlay also offers the possibility of opening several accounts at ShenPoker, thus increasing the traffic artificially. So besides a huge number of recreational players who enter mostly with 20bbs at the tables, there are many regulars who multi-table and have more than 1 account opened at ShenPoker. To be able to do that, all you have to do is to apply our guidelines:

  • Open several ShenPoker accounts using affiliate code 001975
  • Use different emails upon registration of each account
  • Activate your accounts via email and confirm tracking with us
  • Deposit into a primary account and contact us to transfer money inter-accounts
  • Open each account from different mobile devices or several web browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Vivaldi, Safari etc)

ShenPoker deposit and withdrawal methods (cashier)

ShenPoker offers direct cashier, so worldwide players can deposit directly using international e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller. Players also have access to a 24/7 live chat support that is prepared to asssist them with any query. Alternatively, we can also process transactions on your behalf by transferring money between your ShenPoker accounts or helping you deposit or withdraw faster.

Usually withdrawals are processed fast, within a couple of hours for e-wallets and up to 3-5 business days in the case of bank wire transfer. ShenPoker does not charge you any fees, but Skrill/Neteller do. Therefore, the cheapest withdrawal method remains bank wire transfer.

IDN Poker Software and Trackers Support


ShenPoker Software Versions and Mobile Play

IDNPlay offers the following software versions for players:

  • In-browser play
  • iOS
  • Android

As you can notice, there is no downloadable client, which might be considered a disadvantage from a grinder’s perspective. On the other side, most of the traffic is composed by recreational players who simply join the tables with minimum buy in from their iOS or Android mobile devices. International players also have the chance to play from their desktop through the browser version. Nevertheless, they will have to use several web browsers simultaneously to be able to multi-table. Also, they have to tile the tables manually. Below you have a few web browser solutions that might take into consideration for multitabling at IDNPlay:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Vivaldi
  • Safari


IDNPlay Lobby and features

IDNPlay lobby is simple and user friendly, reminding us of social network games. ShenPoker client has several tabs showing the type of games and stakes available. Player balance as well as the updated leaderboard for the monthly rake race are also shown. The software looks a little bit fishy and has some bugs for the browser versi on (like players disappearing from the table or the table getting frozen probably due to high CPU usage). 

The software is not that modern and has few features but it compensates with the juicy traffic. Grinders can multitable but have to be careful to the CPU usage which can cause them issues. We advise not running more than 4 tables simultaneously unless you have a very good PC.


IDNPlay RNG Tested and Certified

Because there have been rumors on forums of unfair practices, IDNPlay has decided to publicly show that their software and RNG have been tested and certified against industry’s best practices by BMM TestLabs, one of the most experienced private independent gaming test lab.


ShenPoker Trackers Support

Unfortunately, IDNPlay does not support any trackers such as Holdem Manager 2 or Poker Tracker 4. Despite this fact, since most of the players are recreational and play completely randomly without any game plan with the lowest stacks possible, we don’t consider that HUD is required, based on our IDN Poker review.


VPN configuration and usage

VPN usage is mandatory and risk-free for international players. Without VPN, unless you are not on the restricted countries list, you cannot play on the Asian poker network. We advise all western european grinders to contact us prior to registering their ShenPoker account. 

Players who use VPN do not risk getting banned or having their balance locked. VPN is only required for accessing the lobby from any country and playing without any IP issues. Read further our IDN Poker review to see the list of restricted countries for joining ShenPoker.

ShenPoker Restricted Countries

Due to online gambling legislation, some countries are officially restricted for registering an account at ShenPoker. However, under the record you are allowed to play at IDN Poker Network from any country, by simply using a VPN from one of the accepted countries, which are mostly Asian countries like: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Taiwan etc. 

According to our IDN Poker review, the following countries are restricted at ShenPoker:

Armenia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Netherlands, North Korea, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, UK, Ukraine and United States of America.

For all the countries above, players will need to use VPN to be able to play at ShenPoker. You may contact us if you need any help to configure your VPN. 

Account retags are not required at ShenPoker, because players can open as many accounts they want by simply using different emails upon registration. If you want to test the waters, simply open a ShenPoker account using affiliate code 001975