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PokerYes Overview

  • Rakeback Date 25th of the Month
  • Rakeback Payment Ewallet
  • Rake Method Calculation Weighted Contributed
  • Cashout Duration 3 Working Days
  • Cashout Payment Direct Cashier
  • Trackers Support Hand Grabber Required
  • High Stakes Action Up to 10000nl
  • MTT & SNG fees Included in rake calculations

PokerYes - People's Poker Rakeback Deal

RakeAdvisory is offering you the opportunity to play on PokerYes - Peoples Poker Network. You will benefit from the following deal:

- Flat Rakeback : paid monthly via Neteller/Skrill into your main e-wallet account

- Technical assistance with configuring the hand grabber and VPN.

For more details and to configure your Italian poker account, please contact us on skype: ID rakeadvisory



People's Poker accounts are provided by RakeAdvisory. Please contact us on skype: ID rakeadvisory


Please send us your preferred  People's Poker Username .


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PokerYes is the poker side of mother company Admiral Interactive SRL (AdmiralYes), which is also offering SlotYes, CasinoYes, SportYes and BingoYes.

AdmiralYes operates in Italy with the license number 15096 and is part of Novomatic Group, a successful and profitable company which was founded in 1980 and currently spread in 45 countries.

PokerYes is part of well known Peoples Poker Network and operates under an AAMS license, which means only Italian people can register PokerYes accounts, Italy being a restricted market. Non-Italian players who are interested in soft games like the ones from this network are kindly asked to get in touch with RakeAdvisory team.

Our PokerYes review will present the most important information you need to know in order to make your experience with this room easier and help you decide to join the Italian Poker Network.


People's Poker Pros and Cons


  • Second Biggest Italian Poker Network in terms of traffic for cash games
  • Juicy Action for both NLHE and PLO cash games
  • Heads Up Traffic Up to NL1K
  • Super Turbo SNGs Available
  • Safe Access to an Italian Poker Reservation for International Players
  • Low Monthly Fees for Rented Accounts for NL/PL50+ players
  • Up to 16 tables Multi-Tabling Capacity
  • Fast Cashouts with no additional withdrawal fees
  • Flat Rakeback Deal provided by RakeAdvisory


  • Bum Hunting is strictly prohibited (you risk account getting banned)
  • Need Italian VPN configured as an International player
  • Hand Converter required to be able to use the HUD at the tables
  • No Direct Cashier for International players
  • VIP system deactivated for rented accounts

PokerYes Rakeback Deal Offered by RakeAdvisory

Besides offering Italian poker accounts for rent and helping players to configure their VPN and Converters, RakeAdvisory also offers a Peoples Poker rakeback deal which helps players getting a fixed cashback every month. Thus, while the flat rakeback deal works, the VIP system is deactivated. Our players will get a flat rakeback deal on an individual basis, according to their volume and stakes played. In some cases, we can set up custom deals for high volume rake players who may contact us for more details on skype: ID rakeadvisory



PokerYes VIP system is based on Level Points (LPs) which you can earn by playing Cash Games, Tournaments and VeloX. You will receive 1 LP for each €0.01 rake generated (or 100 LPs for €1 rake paid). Level Points are credited at the end of each game session. 

By accumulating LPs you will reach higher VIP levels, each of them having its own multiplier. At the end of each month, your LPs balance will be multiplied with the specific factor of each level and converted into Rake Points which will be used for redeeming your bonuses in Rake Club section of your account. Once the LPs to Rake Points conversion has been made, the first ones will be reset.

PokerYes VIP system has 3 levels which means 3 different multipliers:

1. QQ or The Ladies

- 50.000 LPs to reach - which means €500 generated rake
- 2.5 multiplier
- €125 Bonus - which means 25% rakeback

2. KK or King Kong

- 300.000 LPs to reach - which means €3000 generated rake
- 4 multiplier
- €1200 Bonus - which means 40% rakeback

3. AA or Pocket Rockets

- 500.000 LPs to reach - which means €5000 generated rake
- 5 multiplier
- €2500 Bonus - which means 50% rakeback

Please be aware that Level Points won’t be allocated during the time Welcome Bonus is active.

You can check in the Game Account section of Rake Club Account the following info: Level Points balance, multiplier, Rake Points balance and Rake Cash Bonuses.



PokerYes is offering a progressive 100% up to €1000 first deposit bonus, released in €5 installments, equivalent to 20% rakeback and valid for 90 days. This is another source of boosting your People's Poker rakeback.

Poker Bonus will be released by playing Cash Games or Sit & Gos by accumulating the required amount of PokerYes Points. PokerYes Points are obtained according to the following rates: €1 fee paid as Cash Games or Sit & Gos means 100 PokerYes Points.

Once you gathered 2500 PokerYes Points you will automatically get €5 bonus which means the bonus is equivalent to 20% gross rakeback.


Charging Progressive Bonus Total Playable
20€ 20€ 40€
100€ 100€ 200€
200€ 200€ 400€
1,000€ 1,000$ 2,000€

You only have 3 months from your first deposit in order to unlock the bonus and during this time, Rake Club Level Points will not be generated. Please be aware that bonuses obtained must be used within 90 days from the first day when they are credited to your gaming account and any fractions not won will not be converted into bonus.



PokerYes hosts several Peoples Poker Promotions, which offer players extra benefits and awards.



This is a special type of Texas Holdem Super Turbo Sit & Go, with a variable prize formula, where you can multiply your winnings up to €30.000.

Buy-in ranges from €0.50 to €5 and games start when 3 players register to a VeloX at which time the prize money is also communicated. Players start with a 500 chips stack and levels duration is 3 minutes.

VeloX has different multipliers so in games with factor between x2 and x50 the winner will take the entire prize money, while in games with factor between x100 and x6000 the money is distributed 80% to the winner and 10% for the 2nd place and the remaining 10% for the 3rd place.

The average buyin percentage returned to players in VeloX prize pool is 91%. Please be aware that agreements are not allowed in this type of game.


Cash Leaderboard

This is a promotion which offers €2500 a week, based on a leaderboard of the most active players at different stakes in cash games.

Leaderboard is calculated according to the Points earned when playing cash games, each €1 in rake meaning 1 Point.

There are 2 leaderboads, depending on the stakes played:

  • Micro Bets - which includes games from €0.01/€0.02 up to €0.10/€0.25, offering €800 prizes which will be distributed to the first 30 players. At least 25 Points are required for participation.
  • High Bets - which includes games from €0.50/€1.00 up to €5/€10, offering €1700 prizes which will be distributed to the first 25 players. At least 200 Points are required for participation.

Rankings start from Monday at 00:01 until Sunday at 23:59. Only Points generated during the sessions terminated before 23:59 in the last day of the promotion will be taken into consideration. Bonuses won will be credited within 72 hours after the current promotion has ended.


Team Pro Primavera

PokerYes is looking for young and promising poker players to join the Pro Primavera Team. In order to be eligible for this team you need to play Cash Games starting from €0.01/€0.02 up to €0.10/€0.25 and accumulate 1500 Points (€1 rake = 1 Point) in order to receive a €200 ticket. This ticket will be awarded within 7 days from the end of the month and can be converted into a bonus in your poker account.


PokerYes Rake Structure

Peoples Poker Network uses Weighted Contributed method and charges on average 5.5% of the pots, with caps between between €1 and €5, depending on the games and stakes. In the table below you can find detailed information about PokerYes rake structure.


Stakes Number of Players Rake % Rake Cap
Up to NL10 2 - 9 6.67% €1
NL10 2 - 9 6% €1.75
NL25 2 5.75% €1.5
  3 - 9 5.75% €2
NL50 2 5.5% €1.5
  3 - 9 5.5% €3.5
NL100 2 5.35% €1.5
  3 - 9 5.35% €3.75
NL200 2 5.25% €1.75
  3 - 9 5.25% €4
NL400 2 5.05% €1.75
  3 - 9 5.05% €6
NL700 2 5.05% €1.75
  3 - 9 5.05% €6
NL1000 2 5.15% €2
  3 - 9 5.15% €6
NL2000 2 5.15% €2
  3 - 9 5.15% €6



Peoples Poker games currency is EUR.

Peoples Poker Network currently holds 22nd place in online traffic leaderboard, according to traffic data provided by the network. They hosts more than 500 players during the evenings and they have an average of 260 cash games players.

People's Poker are offering the following types of games:

Cash Tables - 4max and 5max

  • NLHE: from €0.01/€0.02 up €5/€10
  • PLO: from €0.01/€0.02 up to €2/€4

Cash Tables - Heads Up (2max)

  • NLHE: from €0.25/€0.50 up to €5/€10
  • PLO: from €0.25/€0.50 up to €2/€4

Sit & Go - 2 players up to 20 players

  • NLHE: from €0.25 up to €100
  • Omaha: from €1 up to €40

Tournaments - starting with freerolls up to €100 entry

VeloX (the new 3 players Super Turbo SNGs with variable winnings)

  • Buy in €0.10 and prize up to €100
  • Buy in €0.50 and prize up to €3.000
  • Buy in €2 and prize up to €12.000
  • Buy in €5 and prize up to €30.000
  • Buy in €10 and prize up to €60.000
  • Buy in €20 and prize up to €120.000



PokerYes is offering direct cashier. Non - Italian Poker Players have to contact us to deposit, while Italian ones need to get in touch with us to receive registration link for getting our Peoples Poker rakeback deal.

For deposits you have the following options: Visa / PostePay, MasterCard, Poste Commerce, Neteller, Skrill, Rapid Transfer, PayPal, PaySafeCard, Bank Transfer, Emoney.

For withdrawal, the following methods are available: PostePay, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Emoney.

Skrill and Neteller cashouts have a €1000 / transaction limit and usually take 1-5 working days.



Trackers can be used with Peoples Poker software but a 3rd party hand grabber is required. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in acquiring a hand converter for People’s Poker.

PokerYes downloadable client is user friendly and customizable and it can be set in both English and Italian language. It has features like hand history, tournament history, player search, avatar change, table themes and several playing settings and auto rebuy options. Players can enjoy multi-tabling (up to 16 tables max) at Peoples Poker Network.

PokerYes also developed mobile application so you can play poker from your smartphone or tablet. iOS app is not ready yet.


Access To Peoples Poker Network for Non-Italian Poker Players

Besides Italian Poker Players who can directly register at PokerYes and play within Peoples Poker Network, Non-Italian players can also have access to the Italian reservation by renting an account from RakeAdvisory. In order to do that, they need to contact us on skype: ID rakeadvisory

While we do not normally offer accounts for rent to micro stakes players, the exact conditions and monthly fees will be discussed and assessed individually, based on your profile. So get in touch with us for more information if you're willing to join Peoples Poker and play against Italian Poker amateurs.