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BetKings Poker

GG Network

Up to 100%

BetKings Poker Overview

  • Rakeback Date Permanent
  • Rakeback Payment Poker Account
  • Rake Method Calculation Player Value Index (PVI)
  • Cashout Duration 24-48hrs
  • Cashout Payment Direct Cashier
  • Trackers Support Not Available
  • High Stakes Action Up to NL1000
  • MTT & SNG fees Included in rakeback calculation

BetKings Poker Rakeback Deal

RakeAdvisory offers the following BetKings Poker rakeback deal:

- First Deposit Bonus: 1,000$, 10% RB, 5$ increments, 180 days

VIP Rakeback: Up to 100% with up to 50% expected on average for high VIP level players

BetKings Poker Promotions: Tournaments Leaderboard, Aof Jackpot, Big Hand Jackpot, $100,000 OmahaFest, Rush & Cash Monthly $500,000, Weekly Mission

While first deposit bonus is active, players will earn up to 60% expected total GG Nework rakeback


BetKings Poker Download and Sign Up Instructions


To correctly set up your new BetKings Poker account you must uninstall any existing software and clear cookies. Check the browser icons for more details.

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Click the "Download Now" button to start. You'll be taken to BetKings Poker website to download the poker software and create your new BetKings account.



Please send us your BetKings Username you registered at previous step.



BetKings Poker Review

BetKings Poker is one of the newest skins of GG Network, the largest Asian poker network which has grown very fast over the past two years. Currently, it hosts the softest games available for the mainstream networks. As compared with BestPoker, the flagship of the network, BetKings does not offer any flat RB deal, but you can still earn additional benefits by registering with RakeAdvisory, on a player by player basis.

However, the main benefit of joining BetKings Poker is for players who want to access GG Network but are restricted in BestPoker. Therefore, BetKings is the second best alternative for joining the largest Asian Poker Network, for leveraging your skill and maximize profits. 

BetKings was a former skin of Italian Hive Network. It has been launched in 2015 but joined GG Network after the split from The Hive Network. It hosts the same games as all other GG Poker skins, but mostly focuses on attracting recreational players from Europe, although most of the network traffic is made from Asian players. BetKings is licensed in Curacao and offers a compelling welcome bonus.


BetKings Poker Fish Buffet VIP System

As part of GG Poker Network, BetKings uses the same VIP system called Fish Buffet. It rewards players based on several levels with different rakeback rates, from 10% up to 100%. The more you rake, you can climb the VIP ladder and earn more rakeback on average. The highest expected rakeback to be earned on average from the loyalty system is 50% for the highest VIP level. 

To leverage the rakeback system benefits, high volume rake grinders usually put in more volume to be rewarded with above average benefits. According to our BetKings Poker review, this is one of the most competitive loyalty schemes available on the market. Thus, GG Network attracts not only recreational players who enjoy the randomness of player rewards by running the wheel, but also professional grinders who can harvest most of the VIP benefits by committing to a significant volume per month.

If you want to understand exactly how the Fish Buffet loyalty system works, you can read our in-depth BestPoker review which covers all the details regarding GG Network player rewards. Please let us know if you have any other questions on this topic by contacting our poker consultants at skype ID: rakeadvisory


BetKings Poker Bonus

BetKings offers a compelling welcome bonus for new players. Unlike other bonuses, you don't need to use any special code or even make a deposit. Once you register your account, the bonus can automatically be harvested. Players can unlock 1,000$ in 180 days. For evey 50$ generated in rake, they receive a 5$ installment into their account. Therefore, the first deposit bonus counts for 10% additional rakeback and can be cleared in full, since it is available for 6 months, so players have plenty of time to complete it. Therefore, this is more than just a bonus, this a 6 months extra RB tool.


BetKings Poker Promotions

BetKings offers several promotions which are both exciting and cash generators such as: 

  • Tournament Leaderboard
  • Aof JackPot
  • Big Hand JackPot
  • $100,000 OmahaFest
  • Rush & Cash Monthly $500,000
  • Weekly Mission

​You can get more into specifics about each of these promotions after you register your BetKings Poker account.


BetKings Rake Method and Structure

As part of GG Poker Network, it uses the same PVI rake method which adjusts player's overall gross rake, by applying a multiplier. The effect results in lowering the actual rake for winning players, while increasing it for losing players. However, PVI only applies to cash games, therefore MTT winning players are not affected by any deductions from their gross rake. When it comes to the rake charged by the poker room, it is 5% for No Limit Texas Holdem and 3% for Omaha games. The full rake structure can be found here, in BestPoker review.


BetKings Traffic Report and Currency

BetKings hosts the same player pool as all other GG Poker Network skins. As of November 2019, GGPoker stands in the 3th place in worldwide traffic leaderboard, according to traffic data provided by the networks. With more than 15,000 players online at peak hours, we can say that the Asian Poker Network is very juicy for MTT players. When it comes to cash games, the average traffic is about 1,500 players, with more than 2,500 at peak hours.


BetKings Cashier: Deposits and Withdrawals

There are available several payments methods for both deposits and withdrawals such as Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, Visa, MasterCard and wire transfer. Withdrawals are usually processed fast, in due time. Moreover, being part of GG Poker Network, BetKings guarantees that funds are kep safely.


BetKings Poker Software

The client used by BetKings is comparable with the other GG Poker skins. It is user friendly and allows a multitude of features such as 4 color deck, avatars, animations or run it twice. Multi-tabling is also possible for regulars who want to maximize their win rate. 

Unfortunately, all third party software are restricted in GG Network. Therefore, players cannot use any HUDs or tools such as PokerTracker or Holdem Manager 2. Also, converters are not allowed to bypass this restriction, but there is an in-built tracker used by all GG skins called PokerCraft. This is available for players to offer some insights on their game.


BetKings Poker Restrictions

BetKings Poker restricts access for residents of certain countries, as follows:

  • Absolut Restriction - US, Canada, UK, Spain, France and Italy
  • Blacklisted Territories - Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Australia, Bahamas, Botswana, Cambodia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Hong Kong, Israel, Kuwait, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Singapore, Syria, Taiwan, Tunisia, Yemen
  • Regulated Territories (only permitted to offer if receipt of a license from the local regulator) - Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden

We recommend BetKings for players who are not allowed to register in BestPoker. For instance, according to our research, this should apply for players from following countries: Greece, Thailand, Poland or Sweden.