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Up to 50%

PPPoker Overview

  • Rakeback Date Weekly
  • Rakeback Payment Poker Account
  • Rake Method Calculation Weighted Contributed
  • Cashout Duration 24 hours
  • Cashout Payment via RakeAdvisory
  • Trackers Support Not Available
  • High Stakes Action Up to NL1.6K
  • MTT & SNG fees N/A


RakeAdvisory is offering players the following PPPoker deal:

- Safe Access to Clubs: large variety of soft NLH, PLO and OFC games, from $0.10/$0.20 up to $5$/10

- Flat Rakeback: Up to 50%, each Club has a different rakeback rate

- Minimum Deposit: 300$ per account

- Account Fees: 10% weekly fee

For more details regarding RakeAdvisory offer, contact us on skype: Asian.Poker.Apps



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Click the "Download Now" button to start. You'll be taken to PPPoker website to download the software and create your new PPPoker account.



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PPPoker has recently surpassed PokerMaster and become the most popular Asian poker app in 2019, a trend that has begun in late 2017 with play money apps running real money games within restricted markets. While these mobile apps have been created as a background for real money games, players can join them for free, but cannot deposit without using an agent.

We advice all players to work with a trusted agent like RakeAdvisory. We cover this segment very well at the moment, being able to offer secure access to a large variety of PPPoker clubs, guaranteeing the safety of transactions. Moreover, by working with us, you will also be rewarded with some good flat rakeback deals which differ depending on each club.

According to our PPPoker review, the Asian poker app has succeeded to be the first choice for players worldwide, who can find here all game types and stakes they want, by joining soft clubs which are changing pretty fast from one week to another. You won't have access to the latest information unless you contact us fore more details on skype: ID Asian.Poker.Apps


PPPoker App Pros and Cons


  • Most Popular Asian Poker App in 2019
  • Access to a large variety of PPPoker clubs
  • Very Low Rake Structure - only 3%
  • Good Traffic for NLHE and PLO cash games
  • Offers Open Face Chinese games
  • Can play against weak Asian and US players
  • Low Stakes also available starting with NL/PLO20
  • Low minimum deposit requirement - only 500$
  • HUD available with minimum statistics
  • VPN is not required
  • Can play up to 5 tables simultaneously using Emulator
  • No Restricted Countries


  • No Direct Cashier
  • Need Converter for more advanced HUD
  • Account currency differs depending on club
  • Low MTT traffic
  • Can only play 1 table from one account

PPPoker Clubs and Currency


Asian PPPoker Clubs Review

We offer probably the most exhaustive list of PPPoker clubs, where you can safely deposit and cashout through us and benefit from the best rakeback deals available for the Asian poker app. Each club has different currency, according to the country where it has been created. At PPPoker you will find more than 15 clubs from the following countries: Philippines, Thailand, India, USA, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam etc.



Club Name Club ID Country Currency NLHE Action PLO Action OFC Action
Pink Asia 52700 Thailand 1 chip = 10 Thai Baht 1/2 - 10/20 1/2 - 25/50 1 - 30
King Power 2 319246 Thailand 1 chip = 10 Thai Baht 1/2 - 10/20 1/2 - 25/50 1 - 30
Red Pineapple 24413 India 1 chip - 47 INR Not Available 2/4 - 25/50 5 - 50
Bangkok 6329 Thailand 1 chip = 10 Thai Baht 1/2 - 5/10 1/2 - 5/10 1 - 40
Supreme 20555 Singapore 1 chip = 0.25 SGD 1/2 - 3/6 1/2 - 15/30 1 - 10
IPF 289049 India 1 chip = 47 INR Not Available 2/4 - 25/50 5 - 20
House Of Cards 211600 India 1 chip = 47 INR 1/2 - 25/50 1/2 - 25/50  
GoldFish 600063 Thailand 1 chip = 100 Thai Bath 1/2 - 10/20 1/2 - 10/20  
Check Raise 351453 India 1 chip = 5 INR 5/10 - 15/30 5/10 - 15/30 5 - 50
Guarajat Acers 114245 India 1 chip = 20 INR 5/10 - 10/20 5/10 - 10/20  
Nuts Poker 60278 India 1 chip = 20 INR Not Available 5/10 - 15/30 10 - 50



US PPPoker Clubs Review

As you can probably notice, most of the PPPoker clubs come from Asian countries. Nevertheless, RakeAdvisory also offers access to a new set of very soft US clubs, where the games are very good and you can play against US fish. For US Clubs, the currency exchange is also pretty straightforward, since you can exchange 1 chip for 1 USD. Below you have all details for the softest US clubs available.


Top 3 Best US PPPoker Clubs

Club Name Sunshine (Rounders) Poker Bro's USA 2
Club ID 357630 57438 574129
Games Ratio (NLH, PLO, OFC) 30/30/40 25/50/25 30/40/30
Stakes 0.20/0.40 - 5/10 0.20/0.40 - 5/10 0.10/0.20 - 5/10
Currency 1 chip = 1 USD 1 chip = 1 USD 1 chip = 1 USD


Other PPPoker Clubs

Besides the above list of Asian and US PPPoker clubs, RakeAdvisory also offers access to other private clubs as follows:

  • RP Club (ID: 367624)
  • Russian Union (ID: 663479)
  • El Bimbo (ID: 755075)
  • PokerNChill (ID: 757183)
  • X Club (ID: 74117)
  • Bridge Club (ID: 407023)
  • Blue Magic (ID: 98494)
  • Titanium (ID: 3100022)
  • Sands Premier (ID: 17050)
  • Poker Baller Bud (ID: 755777)
  • The Galaxy (ID: 69656)

For more details regarding RakeAdvisory offer for PPPoker App, contact us on skype: ID Asian.Poker.Apps 



PPPoker App uses a weighted contributed rake formula charging very low rake in terms of percentages and cap values. Depending on each type of games there are different values for rake charged. Below you can check all details for each game.


Open Face Chinese Rake Structure

Stakes Rake% Rake Cap
All Stakes 3% 2BB

According to our PPPoker review, the Chinese poker app charges the lowest rake for OFC games, with only 3% per pot and 2 big blinds cap. This is a low amount in both percentages and cap values.


Texas Holdem and Omaha 6-max rake structure

Stakes Rake% Rake Cap
All Stakes 5% 3BB

For cash games, the PPPoker app charges 5% in the case of 6-max tables with a rake cap of 3BB. This is still good as compared with traditional poker networks which usually charge above 5% and with higher cap values.


NLHE and PLO Heads Up Rake Structure

Stakes Rake% Rake Cap
All Stakes 3% 3BB

For Heads Up cash games rake is also extremely low - only 3% with 3BB cap. This is extremely unusual since usually rake is pretty much higher for Heads Up games.


5 Card PLO Rake Structure

Stakes Rake% Rake Cap
All Stakes 5% 2BB

Last but not the least, in the case of 5 Card PLO games, rake is 5% with a very low rake cap of only 2 BB.




Is PPPoker still an Asian Poker App?

Traffic is growing fast on PPPoker attracting many new recreational players from all asian countries such as India, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines and Vietnam etc as well as western european grinders who want to play on soft fields and exploit weak opponents.

Lately, US players have also started to become interested and join the new US PPPoker clubs due to the fact that US players have still few options to play such as a few offshore poker sites like BetOnline or Black Chip Poker. Thus, PPPoker app can no more be called only an Asian poker app, it has become useful for all segregated markets where online poker is currently restricted.


PPPoker Games and Stakes

PPPoker offers different games such as:

  • No Limit Texas Holdem
  • Pot Limit Omaha
  • Open Face Chinese

Besides the ones above, there are different variations of them available depending on each club. Some clubs offers Heads Up cash games, others SNGs or MTTs. For PLO lovers, you can even find 5 Card PLO games.


Peak Hours Traffic Report

Most of the games are played at No Limit Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha cash games. At the peak hours you can find 6-max cash games with plenty of tables for several stakes ranging from NLH/PLO20 up to NLH/PLO 1K. Open Face Chinese games are also running on several clubs.

RakeAdvisory offers access to more than 15 PPPoker clubs. Therefore, the real traffic for each of them is impossible to estimate since on Asian apps things change faster than anywhere else. To have a clear image of the available games for each club, you should contact our poker consultants on skype: ID Asian.Poker.Apps



Game currency is in chips. Depending of the club you join, currency rates can be slightly different:

  • 1 chip = 1 Singapore dollar (SGD)= 0.7 USD 
  • 1 chip = 1.6 Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)= 0.38 USD
  • 1 chip = 10 Thai Baht= 0.31 USD
  • 1 chip = 50 Indian Rupee (INR) = 0.7 USD
  • 1 chip = 10 Philippine Piso (PHP)= 0.19 USD

Coin value is subject to weekly review after settlement is complete.



Being a play money app which runs under the table real money games, PPPoker does not offer direct cashier. Therefore, all deposits and withdrawals are processed via RakeAdvisory for the clubs we offer. Players who would like to request a deposit or cashout have to contact us on skype: ID Asian.Poker.Apps

We will therefore provide Skrill or Neteller adress for sending the money and after the deposit has been made, coins will be credited to your PPPoker account, based on the currency exchange rate we use. We provide secure transactions, therefore all your funds are safe. 

Withdrawals are usually processed within 24 hours and we do not currently charge any cashout fee for most of the clubs. However, there is 10% weekly fee charged by the club owners. Please contact us to check the conditions available for each club we offer.


PPPoker Software and Trackers Support


PPPoker Software Versions

PPPoker App is available on multiple devices, from destkop version to mobile devices. It can be accessed from:

  • Windows Desktop Version
  • iOS and Android Mobile Devices


Multi Tabling Capacity

No matter if you play from desktop or your mobile device, using one account you can only join one table. Therefore, players who want to play from their iOS or Android mobile devices, have to create several accounts and use different devices to be able to multi-table.

The same rule applies for desktop version. Only 1 table can be accessed from one account or device. However, by installing an emulator, you can multitable up to 5 tables from your desktop version. You still need though to register up to 5 accounts to be able to do this.


How To Install PPPoker Emulator

RakeAdvisory provides free emulators for PPPoker app and offers support to help you configure the emulator. All you need to do is to contact us on skype: ID Asian.Poker.Apps and we will provide you link and details for how you can install the emulator for free.


Poker Trackers Support

The play money mobile poker app has an in built tracker you can use which gives you access to some basic statistics for both your own play and opponents. You can for instance click on your players at the tables and check their VPIP. However, this free tracker does not have advanced stats. If you want to use a detailed HUD to better exploit your opponents, you need to get in touch with us and buy a hand converter.


VPN Configuration and Usage

Being a play money app, you don't need to use any VPN. You can install the client lobby and register using any IP you want, without any bad consequences. All you have to do is to contact us for deposit and to get access to the clubs, otherwise you won't be able to play.


PPPoker App Registration Process


How to Install PPPoker App?

To be able to install the mobile poker app and register your account, you have to go through the following steps:

1. Download the client from PPPoker website, Google Play or App Store 

2. Click on register to choose your username and password

3. Click on register to finish the signup process


How to apply to a PPPoker club?

Tehnically, to apply to a new club, you have to follow some steps. However, you need to contact us previously because otherwise, you won't get accepted and you will not receive chips to play without depositing. If you already did this, this is how you add a new club:

1. Login into the client with your account credentials

2. Click on search icon to be able to fill in the club ID details

3. Click on Ok to send your application to the club


Contact us to get started on PPPoker

To be able to join the PPPoker clubs, deposit and start playing, you need to get in touch with us on skype: ID Asian.Poker.Apps

For general question, you can as well contact us via email at [email protected]

Please Don't forget: We offer the most exhaustive list of PPPoker clubs, safe and secure transactions and great rakeback deals for grinders worldwide.


PPPoker Test Accounts

Before getting started and depositing to play with real money, you can also request a test account from us to rail the action for all the PPPoker clubs we currently offer. You can check the action for NLHE, PLO and OFC games. Test accounts are free of charge and allow you to see the tables and players pattern without getting involved in the hands. 



While the disadvantage is that players cannot deposit by themselves and need to work with a trusted agent, the advantage of using a play money mobile poker app is that there are no country restrictions. Therefore, in order to join PPPoker, worldwide players can contact us to request an account on skype: ID Asian.Poker.Apps