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Free Tips For Playing On PokerMaster: Discover How It Works

​PokerMaster is the biggest private undeground network, that started to become mainstream for worldwide poker players. It is a play money app which is available for iOS and Android and which could be used from desktop as well using an emulator. PokerMaster focuses primarily on the Chinese and other Asian markets, therefore the games are very soft with plenty of recreational players. Those who are not familiar with how PokerMaster works may find below some free tips.


1. Look at player's stats by clicking on their name. Most players have accurate stats although it is possible to manipulate your stats by creating a private HU table against yourself on another account. Generally the stats are a good indicator of how they play. A lot of fish on Pokermaster have high VPIP and low PFR and limp a lot.​

2. When you click on someone's name, a good way of tagging them as fish is to put them on mute. Then you will see a mute icon on them on the table and know they are fish. We also recommend taking notes in shorthand as you are only allowed 40 characters. So something like Lc6op96 means Limp call 6 big blinds out of position with 96 offsuit.  

3. If you see a player with Waiting under their name, this is someone who works for the club holding the seat. They are trying to make the table appear more full so more people come and they can start the game. Basically you should consider Waiting players as empty seats. Players with a buyin amount below their name eg 10000 have already bought in and are ready to play.

4. If you click the notepad icon at the bottom left of the table you are playing at, it will tell you how much everyone is up and down for the session, as well as how much time is left remaining for the table.

5. Timebank can be used by clicking on the clock next to your cards, it costs a small amount of crystals. Feel free to use it but don't just push the button a million times for fun.

6. Generally the best way to find a game is to go to the discover tab and scroll down looking for tables with a free seat. Watch out for tables that expire in 30 minutes or less, generally not worth playing those. On the discover tab, you can refresh the tables by dragging up and you will see a spinning chip meaning they are refreshing.

7. Once a table's timer has expired, the table has finished and your results from playing on that table will now show in the Results tab. There you can also click and look at hand histories from the last 48 hours.

8. In settings we recommend turning off Message Sounds and Vibration. Sound doesn't work on our emulators, but some people have it working and the sound and vibration from getting messages can be annoying. This is especially the case on iPhone or iPad.

9. Another way of finding a game is finding them via a specific club. Go to Me-> Settings -> My Club and then Games to see their games running.  You may want to do this if 1 club has a blind and ante structure you prefer or has softer games in general.

10. All games have an ante of some kind, we've seen them range from 5% to 100% of the big blind. Pay attention to this so you can adjust your game accordingly.

11. To reload click the 3 horizontal bars in the top left for the menu and click Buyin. Re-buying 100bb is the minimum.

12. If one of your accounts has way more coins than you need, and another account is very low on coins. It's possible to dump from one account to another, although you will lose in coins the 10% buyin fee in doing this. Ask us how if you need to do this. 


​If you would like to receive more information regarding PokerMaster or to request an account, please contact us on skype: ID rakeadvisory

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