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Up to 100%

PokerOk Overview

  • Rakeback Date Permanent
  • Rakeback Payment Poker Account
  • Rake Method Calculation Player Value Index (PVI)
  • Cashout Duration 24-48hrs
  • Cashout Payment via RakeAdvisory
  • Trackers Support Not Available
  • High Stakes Action Up to NL1000
  • MTT & SNG fees Included in rakeback calculation

PokerOk Rakeback Deal

RakeAdvisory offers the following PokerOk rakeback deal:

- First Deposit Bonus: 1,000$, released in 5$ increments

VIP Rakeback: Up to 100% Fish Buffet Rewards paid into your account

PokerOk Promotions: Big Hand JackPot, Flush JackPot, Aof JackPot, Rush & Cash Monthly $500,000, Short Deck Giveaway

PokerOk is suitable for players worldwide who can create accounts through us and play using a VPN.

PokerOk Download and Sign Up Instructions


PokerOk accounts are provided by RakeAdvisory. Please contact us on skype: ID rakeadvisory


Please send us your PokerOk Username you registered at previous step.


PokerOk Review

PokerOk is a Russian facing GG Poker Network skin launched in 2019 after the closure and rebranding of Lotos Poker. While it focuses mostly on bringing Russian traffic, players who request accounts from us will be able to play from any country around the globe by simply using a VPN to access the tables. 

Moreover, our players are also eligible to receive extra rakeback from us. The details will be discussed on a player by player basis, when you request your PokerOk account. Accounts are offered directly from the agency, therefore no real data or ID confirmation are required. All you need to bring with you is enthusiasm at the tables.


PokerOk Fish Buffet VIP System

PokerOk uses the Fish Buffet VIP system available for all GG Poker Network skins. It rewards players with different rakeback percentages, according to their VIP level and wheel results, from 10% up to 100%. On the long run, it is expected that high volume rake players to earn about 50% rakeback from the loyalty system. 

However, players can boost their rakeback by participating in other PokerOk promotions, harvesting first deposit bonus or earning extra RB from RakeAdvisory. The amount of additional rewards offered by us will be discussed in particular with every player, according to his profile, when requesting an account from us. Players need to contact us via skype ID: rakeadvisory


PokerOk First Deposit Bonus

New players receive an additional rakeback of 10% by simply creating their PokerOk account. This is obtained using the welcome bonus of $1,000 which can be cleared in 5$ increments for every 50$ paid in rake. Players have 180 days to clear the whole bonus to maximize their PokerOk rakeback.


PokerOk Promotions

PokerOk rakeback can also be boosted by participating in several promotions such as:

  • Big Hand JackPot
  • Flush JackPot
  • Aof JackPot
  • Rush & Cash Monthly $500,000
  • Short Deck Giveaway

PokerOk Rake Structure

As all other GG Poker Network skins, PokerOk is using a PVI rake method which is based on the weighted contributed method to which is added a multiplier so that winning cash games players generate less actual rake. This might affect their extra rakeback paid by RakeAdvisory, which is computed from the actual rake amount. For NLHE rake is 5%, while PLO players pay 3%, with diferent rake cap values.


PokerOk Traffic Report

PokerOk hosts the same player pool as the other skins of GG Network. Currently, the Asian Poker network stands on 3th place in worldwide poker sites traffic leaderboard, with an average of 1,500 cash games players and a peakk traffic of more than 2,500. MTT or All-in or Fold games are also very popular.


PokerOk Cashier

Currently, account provided from our agency do not have direct cashier. This means that all transactions are made via RakeAdvisory. While this might be considered a little bit more complicated, it is actually safer for players because funds are kept by us in segregated accounts, so they do not risk funds getting confiscated if for whatever reasions their account gets banned. When it comes to payment methods, we offer both Skril and Neteller options for deposits and withdrawals, which are made timely.


PokerOk Software

The software used by PokerOk is similar with other GG Network skins, so you might already be familiar with it. As you already know, PokerCraft has been designed as an inside tracker to be used by players for analyzing their games. Other third party software, such as PokerTracker or Holdem Manager are not allowed to be used. 


PokerOk Country Restrictions

While PokerOk is mostly a Russian facing skin of GG Network, thanks to RakeAdvisory, we are able to offer access for all players in the largest Asian poker network. All you have to is contact us via skype ID: rakeadvisory and request an account. There is no need for real data or ID confirmation. You can choose your username and then you receive your account to proceed with deposits. For accessing the games you might need to use a VPN, but since we are the custodian or your funds, this is only useful to be able to login in the client, therefore you do not risk anything (such as getting your account banned and losing your money)