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WPN CEO states that legalized poker is overrated

In spite of the severe measures taken by US authorities to restrict online poker, Winning Poker Network remains one of the few operators still accepting US players. With state regulated online poker only available in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware, an increasing number of players appear willing to take the risk of playing on an offshore site. WPN CEO Phil Nagy doesn’t seem confident that regulated markets will help poker as a whole get out of the recession and generate a new boom in the markets. In fact, he strongly disagrees with people who think that “legalized poker is going to become this big massive thing in the US”.

Pointing to the regulated markets of France, Italy and Spain — which most closely resemble the regulatory model used in US states New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware — Nagy notes that “none of them are doing very well.” He identifies “heavy taxation and segregated player pools” — which are consistent factors in the regulatory approach of France, Italy and Spain — as reasons that the overall US market has the odds of success stacked against it. Segregated player pools reduce the number of users that can play on a particular site. Large player pools are necessary for online poker sites to offer the attractive poker tournament prize pools and wide variety of games and stakes necessary to succeed.

Nevertheless, WPN CEO Phil Nagy has a goal to raise the offshore network into the global top five. WPN is not only attractive for US customers who cannot join legalized sites from certain regions and who are now given the opportunity to play on WPN skins who accept US players, such as BlackChipPoker, but the network is the only one who provides players huge guaranteed tournaments with 1 milion dollars prize pool. 

The promotional advantage brought by WPN seems to be having a positive impact at the cash games as well as attracting players to play satellites and the main tournament itself. Over the last three months since beginning to promote the latest Million Dollar Sunday, cash game traffic at the network has outperformed the rest of the market.

Despite regulated markets increase, legalized online poker also creates some market imbalances generating huge asymmetry of information. While some features of regulated markets are undesirable for most poker players (such as segregated player pools or increased taxation), there are also new opportunities that come across their needs. As the information becomes vital and the solutions to overcome issues more uncommon, poker individuals are given the chance to receive assistance from professional poker consultants. In this respect, RakeAdvisory already has a qualified staff of poker consultants who are available to help each and every online poker player solve his individual issues and get an answer to private queries.


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