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Winning vs. Broke Poker Players 2022

Poker is a fun game to play or watch, but the main goal is to win. Even the best losers are still losers, so everyone wants to win. In this article we’ll take a look at what makes the difference between winning and broke players in 2022.

The truth is that there is no secret or magic trick. Becoming a great player takes time and effort. You need to have the right knowledge, mindset, work ethic, skills and a bit of luck.



In poker you need to be strong in four areas: math, logic, probability and psychology. A great player understands the math of poker, stack ratios, equities, EV and other important aspects. 

A winning player is capable of having a good bankroll management. No matter how much money you have available, you need to be able to manage them properly. You can have millions and go broke, or you can have just a few hundreds and be able to manage them perfectly. So the amount is not as important as your bankroll management skills. 

Game Selection

Winning players stick to what they know the best and what type of game they are good at. If you’re great at live poker it doesn’t mean that you will win online, and if you made thousands of dollars on the internet, it doesn’t mean that you will get rich in live poker.

Stick to the type of game that suits you the best and where you have the most knowledge and experience. If you’re great at tournaments, stick to that. If you’re amazing at Omaha, play that game instead of turning to another variant. Even pros like Viktor Blom (Isildur1) make mistakes sometimes. He turned to Omaha where he didn’t have that much experience, and lost millions of dollars.

Psychology (Emotions, Ego, Tilting)

A winning poker player should be able to read his opponents, but also to manage his own emotions. Poker is a game of pressure. You need to be able to think rationally even under a lot of stress. Ego is also a big problem sometimes and it can lead to tilting. 

The first step is to accept the variance of poker…the fact that sometimes you will lose even though you played perfectly. Even the best in the world are losing on a regular basis, even with some amazing hands. 

Stay humble and always learn and improve your game.


To be a winning player you need to perfectly know the basic rules of poker, but also advanced tricks and strategies. You need to know multiple styles of playing and to be able to switch from one to another. You have to know when to play tight and when to play aggressive. 

Keep on learning from poker books, online courses, mentors and pros by watching their games online or on TV. 

So now you know what makes the difference between winning and broke players in 2022.

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