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Upswing Poker Review

The Upswing Poker Lab is a website that contains multiple advanced training programs, as well as articles, free resources and poker merchandise. Most of the content is created by Doug Polk, a professional player that has made millions over the years and who is also the winner of 3 WSOP bracelets. 

Other pros that have courses on Upswing Poker are Parker Talbot, Ryan Fee and Fried Meulders. Together they also made millions of dollars in poker games. 

The basic membership fee is that of $ 49 per month, and it includes access to:

- 62 learning modules

- 79 videos with Doug Polk explaining and teaching poker theory

- 259 poker charts available in 1 custom software

- Access to a private Facebook group

- And much more

But they also have a section with more advanced courses. These are:

- The Post Flop Gameplan

- The Upswing Lab

- Advanced Heads Up

- Elite Cash Games Mastery

- Crush the Baron

- Winning Poker Tournaments

- ICM Unmasked

- Mixed Games

- PLO Matrix

Be aware that these advanced courses are not cheap! Most of them have the price of $999, which is quite a lot in the world of online training. But if you then apply the knowledge at high stakes games, you can easily make your money back, and much more on top of that.  

If you get the basic membership of $ 49, you will start with the Lab Core Strategy section that has 27 modules. Among the topics covered here you will learn how to read hands and how to understand ranges, with what hands to raise on the preflop, how to handle a 3bet, postflop bluffing strategies, tilt control, bankroll management and many more.

The lessons are in video format, and they are easy to understand and to follow along. In case you don’t have the possibility to watch and listen to the video, you can also read the written lesson, similar to a blog post. There are also various quizzes and other extras that will help you.

The basic section is highly valuable for beginners, but also great for advanced players to consolidate what they already know. Take things slowly and watch just one or two modules each day, in order to avoid getting overwhelmed with too much information. 

Then the lessons get more advanced as you progress, with topics like how to play flush draws, multiway pots, 3-bet pots, overbets, 4-bet pots, blockers and much more.  

So if you are an intermediate or advanced player that wants to take his game to the next level (world class), then the Upswing Poker Lab is definitely the place to go (especially the advanced courses). Beginners can start with the basic membership and make their way from there.

By carefully studying their content and then applying each and every tip and technique, you can definitely become an expert poker player. You will not become a pro overnight, but you may get there one day by following these courses. 

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