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Top 6 Best Poker Videos in 2022

Thanks to the growing popularity of YouTube, many poker experts and even professional players have made their own channels, posting useful tips and strategies for everyone to learn. Today we’ll take a look at some of the top 6 best poker channels to watch in 2022:

1. Doug Polk

Not only he is a professional player that won millions of dollars over the years, but he also has a popular YouTube channel with millions of views. He is reviewing high stakes poker games, he is analyzing hands and decisions, and is even making funny videos about other pro players. He even made a song with Daniel Negreanu’s voice. 

2. Daniel Negreanu

And speaking of Daniel, he also has a popular YouTube channel that you should follow in 2022. He has won millions of dollars in live poker tournaments and has the most subscribed poker channel on YouTube. He is posting strategies and tutorials for players of all levels, as well as vlogs with himself in big tournaments, including the WSOP. His content is fun and educational, especially if you are a fan of Daniel Negreanu.

3. Joe Ingram

His YouTube channel has plenty of useful content for all poker players, but especially for those playing Pot Limit Omaha. He has videos on various topics, he analysis hands and players, and he also has a podcast with important guests in the industry. He is also known for calling out cheating and other BS in the industry.

4. Team Gripsed Poker Training

Yet another popular channel, it includes tutorials, webinars, strategies, useful tips and much more. The channel is active for many years now, so you have plenty of content to watch and learn from. He focuses on tournaments and sit & go-s, but you will also find useful stuff on cash games. He also does live streaming and reviews hands from important poker tournaments.

5. BlackRain79

This channel is perfect for those who are not pros yet and are playing micro-stakes games. This is actually the biggest majority of online poker players, so this channel might come in very handy. It has plenty of useful tutorials and strategies, including how to beat a bluffer, how to beat a fish, how to play certain hands and much more.  

6. Andrew Neeme

He also has a popular channel with more than 100K subscribers and mostly does poker vlogs. He is a pro based in Las Vegas that plays small and mid stakes cash games, and he takes you through the daily life of a poker grinder. He had plenty of important guests in his videos, including Doug Polk and Phil Hellmuth. His videos feature nice editing and plenty of useful content for players of small and mid stakes games. 

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