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Tom Dwan Net Worth in 2018 - The numbers will shock you

Thomas Anthony Dwan Jr. (also known as Tom Dwan or durrrr) is a professional poker player from the United States. He won multiple live poker tournaments, he appeared in the National Heads-Up Poker Championship on NBC and also in the TV Series Poker After Dark, Million Dollar Cash Game and High Stakes Poker.

His poker career started way early at the age of 17, when he used the $50 he got from his father for his birthday to play online on Paradise Poker. Four months later, he had $15,000. As years went by he continued to play poker and become better and better, but also started an English major at the Boston University. He mostly played online and in foreign tournaments, since he wasn’t 21 yet to be able to play in US tournaments as well. He then dropped out of the university and focused on poker 100%. 

He was only 19 when he came in 12th at the European Poker Tour’s €3,000 No Limit Texas Hold ’em Main Event. Here he won $12,000, but his biggest earnings were still in online games. Some sources are reporting that Tom Dwan has won more than $2 million from live tournaments so far.

He also competed in many WSOP tournaments, but unfortunately couldn’t get a WSOP bracelet. His best placement was the 2nd place in 2010, when he also won $381,885. At the 2011 event he was very close to getting the bracelet and also winning 9 to 12 million dollars from some of the top names in the world, when they all bet against him. 

His best placement in a WPT tournament was in 2008 at the Borgata Winter Open $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em, where he won the second place and $226,100. And he participated in many other tournaments, winning various amounts of money, the highest being $447,359 at the Aussie Millions, $250,000 LK Boutique Challenge. 

But his main specialty are the live cash games and he owns the record for the largest pot in the history of televised poker. In the TV show High Stakes Poker he won $919,000 and later on beat his own record at the Full Tilt Poker Million Dollar Cash game, where he actually won $1.1 million. While not being in the spotlight anymore, rumors are saying that he is still playing high stakes cash games in Macau.

He also earned multiple big stakes in online poker and he is also making money from sponsorship deals. While no one knows the exact Tom Dwan net worth but himself, numerous websites have made all the calculations and came up with numbers ranging from $8 million to $15 million. No matter the exact amount, it’s clear that Tom Dwan was a great poker player that managed to make and to keep a lot of money!

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