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SimplePoker GTO Trainer

We recommend you to visit site our partner website It presents advanced programs for calculating, analyzing and understanding optimal poker strategies. Each poker player, whether an amateur or a professional, will be able to choose a program for himself that will help him develop and improve his game strategy. Simple Poker has been developing poker software for more than 7 years, during this time more than 48,000 players have used their products, including the strongest world-famous regular players.

Some information about the programs that were developed by SimplePoker:

Simple Nash. It is a free calculator for optimal push / fold strategies. The program can be used to analyze the game in SnG tournaments, as well as in MTT, and Cash. Understanding the optimal push / fold strategy playing with short stacks is very important, especially in the late stages of tournaments / SnG, where the main money is played out.

Simple Postflop. It is one of the most advanced solvers in modern poker, which allows you to calculate GTO strategies in 2-way spots on postflop. The vast majority of professional players work in solvers to analyze the optimal strategies, since this knowledge allows you to play in an unexploited style. Simple Postflop also allows you to calculate exploited strategies that you can use in the game to maximize your EV. The program also allows you to calculate optimal preflop solutions, but these calculations are very resource-intensive, therefore SimplePoker website also offers ready-made sets of preflop solutions that were solved on a cluster of powerful servers, which is not accessible to ordinary users.

Simple Preflop for Holdem. It is a poker solver for calculating the optimal preflop strategy. The program can calculate the optimal strategy for any preflop action and for any number of players (from 2 to 10). Due to the use of postflop simplification algorithms, the program can calculate GTO preflop using relatively small computer resources wherein allowing an extra minor error in the accuracy of the calculation.

Simple GTO Trainer. It is  a program that in the gaming mode will train you the best strategies. You will be able to play against a bot that uses optimal strategies and will receive real-time information about made mistakes . For a quick start, you can purchase ready-made training sets for various disciplines (Cash, MTT, Spin & Go), which were developed with cooperation with professional poker players. For advanced users who works with solvers, it is possible to create their own trainings(custom games) based on calculated solutions from Simple Postflop.

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