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Reddit Poker Forum Community

Reddit is a popular social platform, a news aggregation, web content rating and discussion website based in the United States. All the content is posted by users and sorted on thousands and thousands of categories (known as subreddits), on absolutely all topics. 

Users can submit photos, videos, text posts or links to external websites and they can also up-vote or down-vote the posted content. Based on how many up-votes a certain posts gets, it will rank higher in the subreddit. If the post is good and is posted in a popular category, it can go viral in no time, and gain tens of thousands (if not millions) of views in a few days. 

In February 2018, Reddit had 542 million visitors each month and 234 million unique users, being the third most visited website in the United States and the sixth most visited in the world. As we mentioned, there are subreddits on absolutely all topics, so inevitably there is one related to poker as well. 

The Reddit Poker Forum Community has more than 88,000 subscribers and thousands and thousands of interesting posts related to this game. Sometimes it can be fun browsing through all of the posts and finding fun stuff and also learning new things. But be very careful when reading these forum posts as they might not always be helpful.

Browsing through the Reddit Poker Forum Community can be a double edged sword. First of all, you can get a lot of bad advice, from players that are not that good or experienced.  Everyone likes to give advice, even if they have no idea what they are talking about. Since on a forum or on Reddit anyone can hide under the anonymity of a random username, anyone can pretend like they are an experienced poker player, when they are actually not. 

It’s really hard to differentiate between good players and bad ones. The most successful players are too busy playing high stakes games and spending all that money, and not have the time to spend on endless debates on Reddit and forums. 

Another downside of taking advice from Reddit is that there is way too much noise. This means that there are too many opinions, some of them being the exact opposite of each other. So you end up even more confused than you were in the first place. 

Last but not least, you will end up wasting way too much time on forum discussions (some of them being off-topic) instead of spending that time playing poker. You can read all the posts and reply to all the comments, but this will not bring you any money. You only make money when you are playing. While the keyboard warriors are grinding it out on the forums, the real players are making big cash. 

What you can do instead in order to learn and to get better is to take certified courses, to follow professional players on their social media profiles or private groups, or to join their paid programs, masterminds or coaching services. This way you know for sure where you get your information from. 

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