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Razz Poker Rules and Strategy

There are multiple types of poker games out there, and Razz is one of them. Today we will take a closer look at the Razz Poker rules and strategy. The structure of the game is the same as with the seven card stud, the difference being in the strength of the hands. 

In the seven card stud the person with the highest hand of 5 cards wins, while in Razz it’s the exact opposite – the lowest 5-card hand wins. Each player receives two cards that are face down (only they can see them) and one card that is face up (everyone can see it). The first 2 cards are called “hole cards”, while the other one is called “door card”. 

The players first take a look at the door cards and see who has the highest one. Then, this person must post the mandatory bet (bring-in) or can also place a full sized bet (complete). If 2 or more players have the same high card, you compare the suits, the highest being the spade, followed by the heart, the diamond and the club. 

In Razz the Aces have the value of 1, so they are the smallest possible card, while the Kings are the highest (so the worst door card you can have). The bring-in is one third or one half of the usual bet size, and the next player can either call the bet or raise it. The betting continues and once it is completed another card is given to each player, facing up so it can be seen by everyone. 

Another round of betting begins, with the lowest hand showing. The game continues like this until 5 cards are given and then the betting doubles. Another round of betting comes, and then the 7th card is given face down. Then everyone shows their hands, and the idea is to have to worst hand possible formed out of 5 of the 7 cards that you have. 

If you have a no pair hand with the lowest cards, you will win. The strongest hand in Razz poker is 5, 4, 3, 2, A. If more cards are the same, the hand that loses is that which has the highest card. For example, 9, 5, 4, 2, A loses against 8, 7, 6, 4, 3.

A good strategy in Razz is to be picky of the starting hand and also to be careful at the cards of the other players. Also use your “door card” wisely. If you have the lowest showing card, it’s recommended to raise, even if your other cards are not that great, thus making certain players to fold. 

There are many other Razz poker rules and strategies, but we’ll cover them in a future article. While not on top of the poker world, this game is still fun to play. 

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