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PokerLords Clubs, Currency, Minimum Deposit & Cashout Fees

In this article you will discover everything about how you can join PokerLords. You will receive in-depth details about available clubs, countries accepted, currency used at the tables, minimum deposit requirement, security deposit and cashout fees. Therefore, valuable information is synthesized to make things easier for players who would like to join Pokerlords.

PokerLords Club ID Club Currency Minimum Deposit Requirement Security Deposit Cashout Fees
13888 1 coin = 1 CNY 10k CNY/ 1.500 USD Yes 10%

Players from all countries are accepted to join Pokerlords. However, the app hosts soft games with players coming mainly from asian countries. Currently, we have one club available at Pokerlords, which shares player pool with 3 other clubs.

Coins to currency exchange is pretty straightforward, players receiving 1 coin for every 1 CNY deposited. Minimum deposit required to open an account at Pokerlords is 10.000 CNY or 1.500$. However, standard Pokerlords accounts have 30.000 CNY starting balance. We can provide accounts with only 10.000 CNY deposit but we have to check daily balance for our players. If players have balance below 10.000 CNY, then they have to refill accounts or are kicked out of the club.

When players are short in chips (below 10.000 CNY) we cover the potential risks asking for a security deposit which we demand when players request opening a new account. Security deposit counts for 100% of initial deposit and is held by us, players receiving it back once they quit Pokerlords. Cashouts are charged with only 10% cashout fee.

To request a Pokerlords account, you need to contact us on skype: ID rakeadvisory. Test accounts are also available on request so that you can check the action before depositing.

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