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PokerKlas Review

There are so many poker platforms out there that it’s difficult to know which ones are legit and which ones are scams. Today we’ll discuss more about the Turkish Poker Network called PokerKlas.

It is part of a gambling holding that first started as a casino. It is now owned by the KlasBahis company from Turkey, which is licensed in Curacao. While the website is opened to people from other countries, most of the players are Turkish. 


PokerKlas Traffic 

At peak hours, the website has just about the same traffic as other European poker platforms. This means around 1,000 active players, usually in the evening. Most of them are playing cash games and there are very few tournaments.

They have both Texas Holdem and Omaha games, and they are both as popular. Omaha games are available in pot limit but also no limit formats. Most Holdem players can be found in low stakes games, and there are around 20 active tables of up to NL 15. For medium stakes (NL 30 to NL 125) there are around 15 active tables at peak times, and at higher stakes of NL 300 or more there are around 5 tables.

When it comes to the Omaha games, the most popular ones are at middle stakes, where you can find up to 20 tables. In the evening you will also find players at the highest stakes of NL 2,000, in both Holdem and Omaha. 

They also have the so called “Turkish Poker”, which is a type of 5-card draw with a smaller deck and up to 5 players. Here you will find about 5 active tables at medium stakes. 

The overall level on the website is quite low, and there are plenty of fish and loose players. 


PokerKlas Software

The program works ok and has all the needed features and settings. The design is pleasing and everything is where it should be. You can also see the players in the lobby or join a waiting list. 

The rake of PokerKlas is 3% and there are no cap limits. On their website you will also find sport bets, live bets, rummy, backgammon, casino and bingo games. 


PokerKlas Rakeback

They don’t have a VIP system, but they do offer a rakeback of up to 20%.


PokerKlas Deposits and Withdrawals

You can deposit money with any credit card and the minimum amount is that of $ 20. No commission is taken when depositing and the money will appear on your account in up to 30 minutes. 

When it comes to payouts, the minimum amount is that of 50 TL (around $ 10). You can withdraw the money into your bank account, but you may need to verify your identity first. 

While it’s definitely not a scam, the Turkish website PokerKlas is not one of the best either. It is quite ok for beginners, for people in Turkey but also for experienced players that might want to take advantage of the low competition here.  

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