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Poker Copilot Review

In the highly competitive world of online poker of today, players use any possible tool to their advantage. HUDs can bring such a huge advantage, that they are even banned by some poker websites. They can help you analyze and improve your own game, while also exploiting the weaknesses of your opponents. 

While most people think of Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker when they say “HUD”, there are still plenty of other tools out there. And Poker Copilot is among one of the best. It was developed by a small software company in Spain, but it delivers plenty of useful features at an affordable price. 

Once you get used to playing with a HUD you will never switch back to playing without one. The needed information is displayed at all times, and it is updated after each hand. Unlike the main 2 players on the market, Poker Copilot works straight away, without you having to install any database software. 

It was originally designed for Macs, so it works really well on these devices. But don’t worry, because you can still use it on Windows computers as well. Once you install it and set it up, it will work straight away when you open the poker room. No need to turn it on each time you play. It integrates seamlessly with supported desktop apps or online platforms.

It includes basic poker stats such as VPIP, PFR and AGG, but also plenty of advanced stats such as 3Bet %, 4 Bet %, Flop Cbet, Turn Cbet, River Cbet, WTSD % and many many more others. Don’t worry because you won’t see all of those statistics at once on the screen. You can customize it so that it displays just the most important ones, and when you want you can also access the detailed stats. 

It uses accumulated data so that you find the errors in your games and those of your opponents, so that you can improve your own game and also take advantage of the other players. It works with most of the popular platforms, including PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, 888Poker and others, as well as with big networks like iPoker, Revolution, Winning Poker and more. 

Another useful feature of Poker Copilot is the Leak Detector, which lets you see how you played in various scenarios. Among them you will find the positional awareness, the blind stealing, the preflop aggression and many more others. 

The tool gives you a score based on how you performed, so you know exactly where to improve and where to keep up the good work. You can also see how well you played individual hands (for example AA, AK, QQ, 44, 77 etc.) It works for cash games, tournaments as well as sit and gos, so everyone can use it, regardless of the type of game they prefer. 

Overall, Poker Copilot is a really good and useful tool for the big majority of players. While advanced and professional players will benefit more from the popular Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker, beginner and intermediate players will definitely find this tool useful. 

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