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Poker Atlas

There are many great poker platforms out there, and you can find all about the best in North America at Poker Atlas. This website keeps the finger on the pulse of all major poker events in the area and is the number 1 destination for upcoming events, cash games and tournaments.

Today we’ll get into more details about this company and find out who is behind Poker Atlas. They give players all the needed information to get ahead of the competition and to plan all their games and tournaments properly. They include the major events and poker leagues, they also give info about start times, payouts, buy-ins and much more. They focus on both live games and online ones, so you can have all the information that you might need and play at your own pace, whenever you are ready for action.

They pride themselves of having very comprehensive and updated info about all the major real casinos in the North America, as well as all the legal online poker websites. So if there is something great happening in the area, you can find out all about it from Poker Atlas. Besides their team of experts, the site members also contribute with their own experience and opinions, thus providing unbiased and objective information.

It was founded back in 2004 and went through up and downs, but managed to survive even with all the changes in the online world and all the changes in the poker legislation. In 2014 they merged with All Vegas Poker, becoming the #1 resource for live and online poker. They now serve more than 300,000 players from all over the world, attracting even more visitors each month.  

The current president and CEO of Poker Atlas is now Jon Friedberg, who is a passionate poker player, an entrepreneur, but most important of all – a champion in the World Series of Poker. Of course that he doesn’t run everything alone, and he is joined by more than 25 enthusiasts of poker and hardworking people. 

They spend the days building Poker Atlas and working on it, and the nights using it, playing poker and getting in the skin of their visitors. They are based in none other the center of the poker and gambling life from all over the world – Las Vegas and they do their best in order to help players in making the best decisions about when and where to play.

Over the years they built multiple partnerships with real casinos and online websites, and they get many of the important information before anyone else. So make sure to visit the website on a regular basis and keep in touch with the latest events. They also created the Overlay program, which covers deposit bonuses, giveaways, freerolls and much more. 

So now you know the story of Poker Atlas and who is behind it. Feel free to check the website whenever you are in need of precious information, and also to contribute with your own opinions and experience. 

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