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High Stakes Poker Players Results on HighStakesDb

A phenomenon known as railbirding has become very popular in the last few years. What this actually means is watching poker games from outside instead of actually taking part in them. The term applies to both real games and online matches. 

Most big casinos elevate the viewing area above the playing floor in order to offer better viewing angles for spectators, and those who sit at the edge can actually hang over the rail for a better view.

Whether you view real high stakes poker games or online matches, watching huge sums of money moving across the table can be very entertaining. Besides this, those who also play the game can learn valuable lessons from the mistakes (or wins) of others. So railbirding has become very popular, and there are many websites that cater to this need. And HighStakesDb is one of the best.

It was founded way back in 2006, by a group of people who were very passionate about following and watching the highest stakes poker games online. As the popularity of online poker grew over the years, so did the popularity of HighStakesDb.

The website has a multitude of features, including: 

- High stakes poker news from the real world but also from the online world

- A database with all the results they ever recorded since 2007

- Live results from high stakes games that are taking place at this moment

- Detailed profiles with all the info and the results of a certain player

- Interviews with great players and celebrities

- Poker videos

- Deals and rankings of popular sites, free poker bonuses, rakebacks, VIP deals and more 

- An active and engaging forum

- Replays of all the poker hands tracked by their system

You might expect a big team behind this website, but there are just 3 full time employees that manage to keep everything running smoothly. The interface is quite simple and easy to understand, showing you all the needed information. You also have the possibility to filter by player, game type, pot size and many other factors, so you can view just the information that really matters to you.

It covers some of the major poker platforms, but of course, it can’t keep track of everything that’s happening in this huge world of online poker. Overall it offers plenty of useful features and anyone who is railbirding will definitely enjoy the website. Some of the features do require an account, but it will be well worth it later on. 

So if you want to keep in touch with the latest news in this sport and to improve your game, you should definitely follow high stakes poker players results on HighStakesDb

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