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Garrett Adelstein's Performance in Poker After Dark TV Show

Garrett Adelstein is a professional poker player from the United States and his main focus are the live no limit hold 'em cash games. He is known for his aggressive style and huge bets and he is not afraid to gamble.

He used to be a coach on the Run It Once Academy and also appeared in TV shows like “Live at the Bike”, “Survivor” and in multiple episodes of “Poker After Dark”. 

He had a great performance on the “Dead Money” edition and we’ll discuss more about it in this article. The game had a minimum buy-in of $ 50,000 and blinds of $ 200 / $ 400.

This edition also presented a documentary about the poker journey of Matt Berkey, which was nominated for an American Poker Award. The night begins with Jean Robert Bellande winning big along with Matt Berkey. But soon after that, Garrett Adelstein begins to crush it and he becomes unstoppable. 

At one point he has a pair of 10s, while Berkey and Stanley Choi both have AK and Bellande has a pair of 5s. The flop shows a K, a 10 and a 4, and Berkey bets $20,000. Choi and Adelstein call, while Bellande folds. 

The turn shows a 9, and Berkey bets $38,000. Choi calls it and then Adelstein goes all-in for $242,000. Berkey folds, and Choi goes all in as well. AK might seem a good hand in this situation, but he doesn’t know that Adelstein has a pair of 10s.

Garrett gives Stanley the possibility to run the hand as many times as he wants, and Choi chooses to run it once. The river shows a 7, which doesn’t change the game at all. Garrett Adelstein wins a total pot of $421,100 and Choi is eliminated. This was also the biggest pot of the night 

Later on in the evening, JRB wins an unusual hand against Berkey, not even looking at his hand because he was eating. In the end his hand turns out good and he wins a big pot. 

At one point in the second evening, Garrett had a pair of 8s, Bright had a pair of Ks, Bellande had Q, 2 and Choi had a pair of Js. Garrett straddles $800, Bob Bright raises to $3,000 and Bellande raises it to $11,000. Choi calls and Adelstein 4-bets to $40,000.  

At this point Bright goes all-in and JRB and Choi both fold. Garrett has $38,000 more to call and he decides to do it. The flop shows 10, 10, 5 and at this point Bright has 81% chances of winning. The turn shows a 6, increasing Bright’s chances, and the river shows another 10. 

Garrett Adelstein loses this first hand, but they have agreed to run it twice. The second set of cards is also favorable for Bright, who wins a total pot of $180,500.  

Here were some of the most important moments in Garrett Adelstein’s performance in the Poker After Dark TV Show.

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