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👤RakeAdvisory 🕔2014-12-01
Funniest bad beats in the history of online poker

Losing a hand while you are playing poker can sometimes be unbearable. Whether you are a beginner or a professional grinder, no one enjoys to lose. Depending on your experience and mindset, you can either get tilted or get easily over a bad beat when occurs. However, even if it is not rewarding, it can sometimes be fun.

While in online poker, you cannot see the reactions of your opponents when facing a bad beat or a cooler, during live games (cash games or tournaments), you can easily see everyone's poker face after each hand that goes to showdown and it is especially more challenging to notice villain's reaction after he lost a big pot when he had a good hand. Let’s take a brief look at some of the most exciting bad beats ever:     


Straight flush vs aces full of sixes (Famous Movie Scene from “Casino Royale”)

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