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Crazy Poker Prop Bets

Poker players seem to have gambling embedded into their personality, betting as much as possible and as often as possible. We saw lots of crazy poker prop bets over the years, and today we’ll take a look at some of them.

Go Vegetarian for 1 Million Dollars

In season 6 of High Stakes Poker, Phil Ivey mentioned that he would give up eating meat for an entire year and he needs an extra incentive in the form of a bet. He initially asked for 5 million dollars, while Tom Dwan was only willing to bet $500,000. 

After more negotiations, they agreed to bet 1 million. Dwan was very confident that he will win, but Ivey was also convinced that he could stick to it. But unfortunately for Ivey, he couldn’t take it anymore and 20 days later bought out of the deal for a fee of $150,000.

Play Golf for $340,000

During the 2007 WSOP, Erick Lindgren claimed that he can play 4 rounds of golf at the “Bear’s Best” professional course in one day and break 100 in every round, while also carrying his own clubs. Other players at the table (including Phil Ivey) agreed for a total of $340K, the bet taking place on a day that they would choose.

They picked a hot summer day, in an attempt to make it impossible for Erick. Because of the huge course, he had to walk at least 16 miles, all while carrying his equipment in a torrid day. 

The heat was very fierce and Lindgren showed symptoms of exhaustion and dehydration, but he kept on going. He eventually managed to complete the 4 courses, losing 15 pounds in one day but winning $340,000.

Lose 48 Pounds for $2 million

At the 2007 WSOP, Ted Forrest and Mike Matusow got in a discussion about Mike’s weight. At that time, he weighed 241 lbs. while in high school he only had 181. Ted bet him that he can’t get back to that weight before the 2008 WSOP, and Matusow accepted it.

So Mike hired a personal trainer, totally changed his lifestyle and got to work. Just 9 days before the deadline he was still 15 pounds overweight. But he starved himself and managed to win the bet at a very close margin. He was weighing 180.8 lbs.

3 years later on May 5 2010, a similar bet took place, but it was the other way around. Now Ted Forrest bet $50,000 that he can lose 48 pounds by September 15. Not only that Mike Matusow and Justin Smith agreed, but gave him odds of 20:1 and an extra bonus of 100K for doing it by July 15.

Ted seriously got to work and on July 13 he was weighing 138 lbs., thus winning a total of $2 million. Later on, he accused Mike of not paying his part of the bet, and Matusow replied that he never even agreed to this.

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