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Bill Perkins Net Worth in 2019 - The Numbers Will Shock You

Bill Perkins was born in 1969 and is a film producer, hedge fund manager and amateur poker player.  Even though he studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Iowa, he always wanted to start his own company. He studied intensively for many years, and he started his first company back in 1997. Since then he always had the spirit and the desire to go further in his career and business, while still keeping his humility and common sense. 

He used his knowledge in various fields and was passionate about personal growth, so he managed to go way further than other companies in the same market. Later on in 2002, after gaining ten years of experience in the industry of energy trading, he joined the management of Centaurus Energy because he really loved venture capital and energy management. The time spent here was very productive and successful for both himself and the company, and it lasted until 2012 when the company was closed.

Bill Perkins then focused on funds specialized in trading natural gas. It is said that one hedge fund launched by him raised 102 million dollars, which is a lot…but still under the amount that Bill planned – between 300 and 600 million dollars. 

He also really loves to play poker and he is very appreciated by fans of this game. He spent a lot of the money earned from hedge funds into playing poker and becoming better and better, and he eventually got to the point of playing high stakes games. His alias in the poker world is Gastrader and he is known for solid prop bets and tournaments with high buy-ins. 

He always surrounded himself with professional players, so that he can learn and become better. Since he has a fortune consisting of 9 figures, he could afford to learn the hard way, by losing lots of money. So far he made around 2.6 million dollars from live tournaments, but probably the amount he lost and paid in entry fees over time is much bigger than that. 

He also likes to bet and made quite some unusual bets over time. One of them was when he bet Dan Bilzerian $600,000 that he couldn’t ride a bike from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 48 hours. Even though they had some arguments regarding the length of the trip, Bilzerian eventually completed the ride in 33 hours. 

As mentioned before, Bill Perkins also has a career in movie production. Some of his films include Afterlife, Unthinkable and the Cat Run. He also owns a yacht from where he usually streams poker games on his Twitch channel. By combining all of his earnings from business and poker, we can estimate that Bill Perkins Net Worth in 2019 is that of around $400 million. 

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