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Alec Torelli's Advanced Poker Strategy

Alec Torelli is a professional poker player from California, but also an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He started his poker career in 2004 and later on he finished 2nd at his first World Series of Poker Tournament (at the $10,000 Heads Up event).

He eventually had 4 money finishes at WSOP and 3 money finishes at the World Poker Tour. At the European Poker Tour, he cashed in 2 times. His total poker earnings are estimated at more than $1,5 million dollars. 

Alec Torelli has a popular YouTube channel dedicated to teaching poker, as well as multiple educational programs. One of them is called “The Four Steps to Beating Anyone at Poker” and today we’ll take a closer look at it.

This interactive workbook compiles all the knowledge and experience he got in more than 10 years at playing high stakes games at professional levels. Alec Torelli combined strategies and theories with practical examples and exercises. 

Among others, you will learn:

- How to optimize the process of your thoughts and make better decisions

- How to overcame variance and calculate your winning odds 

- How to evaluate risks and optimize your win rate

- How to make tough choices and pick the best option 

- How to recognize the type of opponents and how to beat each one

- The differences between live and online poker and how to make the switch between the two

- How to read the minds of your opponents and be a master of poker psychology

- Practical examples of hands in high stakes cash games

- And much more

When signing up, you will get access to the book and its worksheets, and you will also join the community of people who also signed up. You will have to read everything carefully, then do the exercises and apply the information in real poker games. 

The workbook is interactive and will get you to take action immediately and implement what you have just learned. Otherwise the information is useless. This book should not be read as quickly as possible like a novel, but you should rather take your time and digest all the information. The author recommends reading it over a period of 5 weeks, along with playing every day and practicing what you have learned. 

The book has a total of 150 pages, going in depth into all the above mentioned topics. It offers a lot of quality information and it’s definitely worth the investment. If you carefully follow the instructions and apply all the techniques, you will get your money back in no time, and then a nice profit. But be aware, that this is not a “get rich quick scheme”. You will still need time and patience. 

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