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About Sands Poker Room

The Venetian is a large and popular luxury resort located on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada, USA. It operates right on the same spot where the historic hotel and casino called Sands used to be. 

Sands operated between 1952 and 1996, and The Venetian was opened in 1999. It is big and impressive having 36 stories and rising 145 meters (475 feet) high, and together with the adjacent buildings it makes the second largest hotel in the world, with 4,049 rooms. 

The resort also includes fine dining restaurants, bars, clubs and lounges, pools and spas, gondola rides, art and architecture attractions, plenty of shops and also a huge casino. It has 120,000 square feet (11,000 m2) and for many years it was the largest casino in the world. 

The poker room kept the name of the historic hotel and is known as the Sands Poker Room, a great choice for many of the top global poker players, as well for newbies wanting to try their luck. The huge poker room has 1,300 m2, 59 tables and can hold up to 600 players at a time. 

It was recently renovated and has an amazing combination of elegance, comfort and convenience. There are tables for all levels and budgets, plus various tournaments, festivals and five major events each year. 

But let’s look at some of the Sands Poker Room reviews and see what the people who got the chance to play there have to say about this room. Jeff Culler says that he got the chance to play against people with more money than poker skills. Yes, you will find plenty of “weekend warriors” that are there just to have some fun spending money, but don’t get too excited as there are also plenty of experienced players.

Arthur Bruyn acknowledges the fact that this is a huge poker room (the biggest in Vegas) with bright lights and hundreds of players, but which feels more like a poker factory than a cozy room. So he suggests going to other rooms in the area. But there are also plenty of other people who absolutely loved this room and left with big winnings. 

Overall, the Venetian is an amazing resort offering a lot of luxury and high quality services. The Sands Poker Room is one of the best in Las Vegas, and you can easily spend a few days here lost in this wonderful game of poker. So if ever go to Vegs, make sure to stop by.

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