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About Lex Veldhuis

Born in 1983, Lex Veldhuis is a professional poker player coming from the Netherlands. While this cool name may sound like it’s his poker nickname, it is actually his real one. The nickname he uses in games is RaSZi

And speaking of games, Lex was initially a StarCraft gamer and during an international event he met the World Poker Tour winner and owner of a WSOP bracelet, French Bertrand Grospellier. He introduced him to poker and even deposited the first $10 into his account.

Before seriously getting into poker he was also passionate about tennis. He started with real poker tournaments but didn’t like the fact that things move way too slow. He then decided to focus on online poker, where he can play multiple tables at a time and win much more money quicker.  

He focused on online games, but still travelled the world for major live tournaments. We can’t know for sure his total online earnings, but his live tournament winnings are said to be around $679,000. His largest live cash wining was that of $277,939 in 2009. 

In 2009 he also took part in the WSOP Vegas, and even though he started very strong, he was knocked out in the second day. He bluffed a lot in day 1 winning 84,000 chips, but things didn’t work out so well in day 2. 

After professionally playing for 12 years, he decided to get back to his online roots and stream his poker games on Twitch for the entire world to watch. He is now a member of the Pokerstars Pro Team Online and he is streaming his cash games and tournaments with mid or high stakes. 

He said that he was a Twitch user for many years, watching other streamers for hours, and he always wanted to do this as well. He eventually got started and made a great decision, since his streams are really nice and watched by thousands of people. 

Even though he was a great poker player, he now had to face new challenges and to learn new things, including how to balance the poker game and the interaction with fans at the same time. He even won a big tournament while being live on Twitch. The stream had 15 hours and 9000 viewers, and he won $55,000. 

He is also popular on Youtube having more than 50,000 subscribers, on Twitter with 44K followers and on Instagram with 28K followers. He considers himself a big nerd and is still very passionate about video games, the Game of Thrones, and of course…poker.  

He is also interested in keeping a good balance between work, fun and health and recently adjusted to a more conventional daytime schedule, instead of an active night life. 

So this was all the info that you need to know about Lex Veldhuis. If you are passionate about any of the topics mentioned in this article and want to follow his poker games, make sure to check out his Twitch streams or Youtube videos.

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