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👤RakeAdvisory 🕔2017-11-16
Top Rakeback Deals at Israeli Poker Sites: GoldPokerPro & PokerAA

As of 16th November 2017, we announce a great opportunity for our worldwide poker grinders: top rakeback deals and free access to main Israeli poker sites - GoldPokerPro & PokerAA.

Israeli poker sites can be considered very suitable for bum hunting since they are found to be rooms with local soft fields and plenty of recreational players. Thus, international grinders might find themselves very attracted to these underground networks. The downside is that traffic is rather on the lower side, but you can find good games at peak hours.

To celebrate the launch of this unique bundle of Israeli poker deals, we have decided to reward all players as follows:

  • GoldPokerPro40% flat rakeback
  • PokerAA 40% flat rakeback

​Keep in mind that this is a promotional offer, therefore will only be available online for a limited time. Thus, if you want to benefit from our unique offer of Israeli top rakeback deals, hurry up and contact us to request your Israeli poker accounts as soon as possible and start crushing now!  We are also offering test accounts for those who want to test the waters.                       

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