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Top 3 Best Poker Sets in 2019 - You would be surprised

You might have started your poker games in a friend’s basement and with a set you got from the local supermarket, but if you are serious about this game and want to get the respect of others players, you will need a high quality, professional set. 

There are various options on the market to choose from, but here are top 3 best poker sets in the world:


1. The Trademark Chip Poker Set

This is the perfect set for someone who is just starting out, but still wants to command attention and respect from the players you invite over for a game. It has an accessible price of around 50 GBP and it comes with all the tools you might possibly need for a good game of poker. It includes 500 chips of four colors and with a standard casino size, two standard size decks of cards as well as poker buttons for a complete Texas Hold’em experience. 

All the tools come in a very handy and stylish aluminum case which has an elegant, dust resistant fabric on the inside. With this set you will transform your home into a true casino, being able to play a wide variety of games. The chips have an authentic feeling and will sound really good when thrown on the table during important high stake games. 


2. The Da Vinci Professional Poker Set

You can’t go wrong with this awesome set. It also includes 500 poker chips (150 white, 150 red, 100 blue, 50 green and 50 black) as well as 2 decks of cards, 2 cut cards, 3 dealer buttons and 5 casino size dice. The chips have an authentic feeling and just the perfect weight thanks to their metal core. And as mentioned earlier, you also get a set of dice that you can use to transform your Poker night into a full casino experience. This set is ideal for 6 to 10 players and it also comes with an aluminum carrying case, allowing for easy transport and good maintenance on the long term. 


3. The Brybelly Ultimate Poker Chips Set

It’s true that this set comes at a higher price of around $140, but it really offers a great value for this price, and it might be the last poker set you will need to buy for many years to come. This is a much larger set that consists of 1000 denominated chips that have a truly authentic feeling. Each one has a standard diameter of 39 mm and weighs 14 grams. They also have an interesting and unique pattern, making them to really stand out among other classic chips. 

They have a texture inlay that surrounds each breakout, making them look good and feel good, while also being easy to read and to use. You can play just about any type of poker you can think of. For transportation and storage, this set also comes with a nice acrylic showcase with 10 trays. Each one holds 5 rows of 20 chips, allowing you to stay well organized. 

So these were some of the best poker sets that you can buy in 2019. Is there any that we missed? Let us know by getting in touch with as via email at [email protected] or skype: ID rakeadvisory!


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