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👤RakeAdvisory 🕔2018-05-28
SuperPoker Review: Softest Asian Underground Network

SuperPoker is the latest launched asian app, which covers mostly chinese market, with NLHE cash games up 50/100 CNY. Being recently released, the app hosts extremely soft games, the field being full of asian fish. As all soft underground networks, the good field won't last forever, so hurry up to reserve a free seat and harvest profits before the games become flooded by european regulars.

SuperPoker hosts 4 clubs in alliances so players only need to join 1 club to have access to all games. Every game has a forced straddle, which is similar to an extra big blind. So if normally the game is 5/10 where small blind is 5 and big blind is 10, in these games it is 5/10/20, where small blind is 5, big blind is 10 and forced straddle (extra big blind) is 20. Lowest stake is 2/4/8 CNY. Minimum you can buy in is 400 CNY, which is 62$.

SuperPoker does not offer direct cashier, therefore all transactions are made via RakeAdvisory. There is a wide range of payment methods used for deposits/withdrawals. Therefore, you can deposit/withdraw using reputable e-wallets such as Neteller/Skrill or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin/Ethereum. Minimum Deposit is 10.000 CNY. Withdrawals are processed fast, in less than 24 hours. All withdrawals are subject to a cashout fee. 

If you would like to check the action using one of our test accounts or to request an account to start playing at SuperPoker, contact us on skype: ID rakeadvisory where you will benefit from special support for this app.

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