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PPPoker Suite: Clubs, Currency, Minimum Deposit & Cashout Fees

PPPoker Suite contains 6 soft clubs that can be joined either via mobile phone or Windows version by players worldwide. However, most players come from asian countries. In this news article, you will find below all details you have to know for PPPoker regarding how to join a club, which are club currencies used, how much is minimum deposit and which are the cashout fees at PPPoker.

Club Name Club ID Club Currency Minum Deposit Security Deposit Cashout Fees
India 27583 1 coin = 50 indian rupees 300 USD No 10%
Philippines 70513 1 coin = 10 Filipino pesos 300 USD No 10%
Singapore 6633 1 coin = 4.75 CNY 300 USD Yes 10%
Thailand 6180 1 coin = 2 CNY 300 USD Yes  10%
Taiwan 229456 1 coin = 2.175 CNY 300 USD Yes 10%
Vietnam 6873 1 coin = 55 PHP 300 USD Yes 10%


If you want to start playing at PPPoker you need to register yourself here and send your application to clubs. After the application to the clubs is sent, you need to write us on skype: ID rakeadvisory your account nickname and ID. From there, we will ask club admin to approve and add you to the club.

Players can check their current results in the account history of PPPoker client. Alternatively, once per week, statistics results for the past 7 days are published and can be requested from our backend.

As you may have already noticed above, for some clubs we need to request security deposit for safety reasons, on top of minimum deposit requirement. Security deposit will be held by us and returned to the player when he quits PPPoker. Security Deposit amount is 100% of initial deposit.

Players can check the action themselves using our test account available for PPPoker:

Username [email protected] and password lastpart123

For further questions or to approve your PPPoker accounts, contact us on skype: ID rakeadvisory

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