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Poker Movies

Whether you are an experienced poker player, a beginner or just a big fan of this sport, watching a good poker movie can be a really fun and entertaining activity. Not only that it can help you to relax and unwind, but it can also teach you some new tricks and strategies for your actual games. 

There are hundreds of poker movies produced over the years, but not all of them are great. So we decided to select for you the 5 best poker movies to watch online in 2019:


1. Regalo di Natale

While not a Hollywood movie made with a huge budget and special effects, this is still a masterpiece film with an overall IMDB rating of 7.7. It is even considered the best poker movie of all time and it presents a game between a group of former friends and a rich industrialist. They initially want to rip him off, but as the game folds, a conflict appears between old hatreds and mistrusts and the nostalgia for the lost friendship.


2. Rounders

This movie does feature 2 popular Hollywood actors (Matt Damon and Edward Norton) and it has an overall rating of 7.3 on IMDB, making it a very good movie, appreciated both by fans of poker and by the general public. It tells the story of a reformed gambler that returns to playing big stakes games in order to help his friend pay a debt. He must do this while balancing his personal life, relationship and law school. 

While many people are expecting for Rounders 2 for many years now, Matt Damon himself confirmed that this won’t happen anytime soon, because of the very high budget needed. 


3. Maverick

This is another classic film with big Hollywood stars as Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster and James Garner. The main actor Bret Maverick is in need of money for a poker tournament, so he has to go through all sorts of situations and challenges in order to get them. This is a great movie that was even nominated for the Oscar. So if you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely check it out.


4. Casino Royale

This is a more recent movie that features Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Judi Dench and Jeffrey Wright. If the title doesn’t tell you much, keep in mind that this is James Bond movie. This is his first mission as a 007 agent and he must play and win an important poker game against the banker of the world’s largest terrorist organizations. 


5. In Time

This movie was released in 2011 and features none other than the famous pop star Justin Timberlake. The action takes place in an idealistic world where time is the ultimate currency. People stop aging at 25, but then they have just one more year to live…unless they manage to buy more time. The rich earn decades, remaining forever young, while the poor barely make it one day at a time. It’s definitely an interesting action movie to watch. 

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