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👤RakeAdvisory 🕔2018-08-09
New US PPPoker clubs where you play poker against US gamblers

Insane value US PPPoker clubs are now available for RakeAdvisory players. Yes, you heard it well, US friendly games means that you will face US recreational players at PPPoker. US poker market is huge but more than 85% of it is being segregated. So this is a huge opportunity if you want to go back in time in the early 21st century where poker tables were flooded by US gamblers and not professional poker players. Haven't you heard about PPPoker yet?

PPPoker is one of the asian poker apps that have gained field in late 2017 and the beginning of 2018, more and more online poker players choosing to play on these apps instead of mainstream poker networks. The specifics of PPPoker is that it is focused on 6-max cash games (both Texas Holdem and Omaha) and covers all the stakes from micro to high stakes. Therefore it is less restrictive than PokerMaster or other chinese apps where minimum deposit is 1,500$ and minimum stakes are NLH/PL60$.

You can find the best PPPoker games by choosing the right clubs to join. It is very important to mention that not all of them are that valuable since most of them host the classical regular fights between grinders. A lot of poker affiliates promote these apps by being the softest, when in reality few of them are really that good to play on. In comparison, we want to offer you only the best games available at PPPoker.

Most PPPoker clubs are just garbagge with a lot of regulars flooding the private asian underground network. However, there are few clubs that are extremely valuable and where you won't find any other regs. These are the clubs which are not promoted by the dozens of affiliates who spam you every day with their poor rakeback deals. While most affiliates focus on fighting for every penny, very few of them actually bring any value to the online poker community.

Due to the scarcity of value most affiliates bring to players, we have decided to keep this information private and not share with you these very value clubs we are offering for PPPoker. However, players who would like to get access to the softest available PPPoker games where they can play against US gamblers only, should contact us on skype: ID rakeadvisory to request access to these clubs and start doubling their win rate at the poker tables. 

Haven't you decided yet to join PPPoker?

Well, think again. Why should you play against 4-5 other regulars fighting for a tiny edge and basically working to only pay rake for the online poker rooms? Playing for becoming rakeback pro is the choice most grinders have taken nowadays. We also believe it is the poorest strategy because a successful  grinder has learned, if not from the beginning, at least during his online poker journey, that to maximize your winnings you shouldn't become the best online poker player, but rather play against the weakest opponents instead. An average grinder can win much more than a good one if he plays against the right villains. So now it's time to stop playing against other regulars and go get the low hanging fruits from the gold mine. Get in touch with us to get access to the new US PPPoker clubs.

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