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👤RakeAdvisory 🕔2017-11-06
New Chinese Poker Apps: PokerMaster, PokerLords and PPPoker

Starting from November 2017, we are providing safe and secure access to top 3 asian mobile poker apps that have revolutioned online poker market: PokerMaster, PokerLords and PPPokerMost players on these apps come from China, probably the biggest unregulated poker market in the world with insane growth potential.

Thus, these mobile apps use a play money application as a platform to run real money cash games. This scheme allows them to bring chinese players to play real money games, but in order to join these rooms you need to work with an agent to facilitate deposit and cashouts.

RakeAdvisory is offering you the opportunity to play on the chinese market and also the highest rakeback deals on the market where they are available (such as on PPPoker, where you can earn up to 40% monthly flat rakeback).

Feel free to contact us if you would like to feel the pleasure of crushing mid stakes+ cash games at PokerMaster, PokerLords and PPPoker


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