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How To Use Flopzilla Poker Calculator For Hand Analysis

With the evolution of software and the internet, the life of a poker player became easier and harder at the same time. It became easier because there are hundreds of tools that can improve your game, but harder because these tools are available to anyone, thus making the competition way harder. 

One such tool is Flopzilla, a poker calculator that was made to help you figure out how a range hits a board. It has an easy to use an intuitive interface and it works so fast, that it doesn’t even has a “Compute” button. You just make the necessary adjustments, and the results are shown instantly. 

You just enter a pre-flop range and it will show you how often that range hits specific hands (3 of a kind, flushdraw, etc.)  This way you can easily visualize your opponents’ ranges and build your own range, thus having a better game. Besides this, you will also get pot odds and equities, making your math and probabilities calculations way easier. 

The first step in using the Flopzilla Poker Calculator is to create your ranges on the left hand side of the screen. Use the slider to adjust the range or select it manually on the board. You can also save specific ranges, making it easier and faster in the future by just loading a pre-saved range.

After you got a read on the ranges of an opponent, you will weight them in order to get various readings based on certain decisions they might take. You can use up to 3 different weights for the range of an opponent.

The next step is to set the stage. On the right side of the selection matrix, you will see the board and here you have the option of selecting a flop, a turn, a river or a randomized flop. Then you have the section of the cards you have in your hand and this well help you get a clear idea of where you stand with that particular hand.

The next column on the right is that of the Statistics, which is very important. Here you will see exactly how ranges hit boards or flops. You can select a range and then see how often the range hits an exact flop, which is the percentage of the time and how it hits certain hands. You can then use this information to get a good reading of how an opponent might act in future hands. 

There are so many more other things to be said about this complex tool and you really need to try Flopzilla in order to understand just how much it can help you. In the highly competitive world of online poker you should definitely use every tool possible in your advantage! 

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