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How to earn 75% Bwin Poker Rakeback - Retag your account now!

Bwin Poker has doubled its public VIP system cashback from up to 20% rakeback to up to 40% cashback. Therefore, grinders will get more Bwin Poker rakeback now than before through the VIP system. Check the table below to see the updated player benefits.


New Bwin Poker Weekly VIP System

VIP Level Mininum Points Required Minimum Rake Requirement Maximum Cashback Payment Rakeback
1 5 €2.5 €1 10%
2 50 €25 €20 20%
3 300 €150 €125 25%
4 1,200 €600 €300 30%
5 2,000 €1,000 40% for every 400 points earned 40%


Besides this, RakeAdvisory offers extra Bwin Poker rakeback through two private promotions:
1. $15,000 monthly rake race - with up to 20% extra rewards by competing against other poker players and raking more than them
2. Exclusive Monthly Rake Chase - up to 15% extra rakeback per each level, by competing against yourself and earning up to $750 cash prizes. Below you have the exact thresholds for the rake chase.


Exclusive Rake Chase Benefits

Rake Requirement Cash Prize
$150 $15
$300 $30
$500 $60
$1,000 $125
$1,500 $200
$2,000 $300
$2,500 $375
$3,000 $450
$3,500 $525
$4,000 $600
$4,500 $675
$5,000 $750


For more details, check out our Bwin Poker Review. Submit your account retag request at [email protected] by providing us your old poker account credentials (full name, username, e-mail used for registration) in order to be tracked to us and get up to 75% Bwin Poker rakeback. We will notify you once retag process has been done. Alternatively, register a new Bwin Poker account or choose PartyPoker instead from the same network.

If you need help of our global poker consultants, get in touch with us on skype: ID rakeadvisory and we will assist you in configuring your Bwin Poker/PartyPoker accounts as well as with processing your retag request.

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