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Best Bluffing Tips 2020

Bluffing is a huge part of poker and you really need to master it if you want to become a professional player and make lots of money. There are many strategies out there, and today we’ll take a look at the top 5 best poker bluffing tips in 2020.


1. Steal the Blinds

The easiest way to bluff more is to steal the blinds more often. And you don’t even need great hands for this. What you do need is to have tight and weak players in the blinds. 

If you notice that the players in the small and the big blinds are usually tight and don’t fight back, even if your cards are not that great, you can raise instead of folding.

This simple strategy will often get you small but consistent winnings that will eventually add up.


2. 3 Bet Light Before the Flop

A light 3 bet is when you re-raise before the flop, even if your hands are not that great. This also works great against players who are tight and don’t fight back. 

You want to do this if they raise around the button or in a blind versus blind situation. In this case you can try to re-raise them with speculative suited hands. 


3. 4 Bet Light Before the Flop

If you’re feeling that someone else is 3 betting light on you, then you can take it to the next level and to a 4 bet (re-raise them). You can do this with small suited Aces, such as A3 or A4. 

Even if they do have a big pair and you get called, cards like A3 will beat pocket queens about 30% of the time. These hands can also make a flush or a wheel straight. 

Since you already have an A in your hand, it means that it’s less likely for them to have another Ace combined with a higher card. A light 4 bet before the flop might work really well every now and then, especially against weak and fearful players.


4. Do a Continuation Bet on the Flop

If you did a preflop raise and got called, you can continue betting on the flop, even if your cards are not great based on the 3 cards shown on the table. If your opponent checks, it is most likely that he doesn’t has anything. A pair in the flop is only made 1 in 3 times.

So if the opponent checks and you have an A and a high card, be brave and do a bluff bet. Often, the opponent will just fold. 


5. Check, Raise, All-in on the Turn

A more advanced strategy would be to check, then raise and then go all-in on the turn. In order for this to work, you should do a good read on your opponent and check the WTSD% number on your HUD. The opponent should be someone who is fearful and doesn’t go to the showdown without very good hands. 

These were just some of the top 5 best poker bluffing tips in 2020, but there are many more out there. Make sure to do a lot of research and most important of all – practice!  

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