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All players will automatically be part of the generous Hive Club. You will earn points by playing on Hive and gradually climb the Club ranks for more benefits. You can exchange your points for cash or tournament tokens and you will be invited to exclusive freerolls.

When playing at The Hive you will automatically be enrolled for HIVE VIP CLUB where you will earn rewards while you play cash games and tournaments.

Every €1,00 that you generate in rake and fees at The Hive will earn you 100 VPP’s (Virtual Player Points) and 2 FPP’s (Frequent Player Points). VPP's are used to calculate what your VIP status is and are not used for rewards while you can convert FPP’s to rewards.

Your VIP status is determined by how many VPP’s you generate during a calendar month. New players start at the Soldier VIP level and then you can quickly climb in the ranks all the way up to earn General VIP status. If you have Sergeant VIP status or higher you will be given a VPP booster at the start of a new month to help you maintain your VIP level.

By climbing in rank you will be able to purchase more rewards each month and there are also more exclusive freeroll tournaments and FPP Buy-In tournaments where you need a minimum rank in order to play.

The VIP levels are as follows: 

VIP Status Monthly VPPs Needed Monthly VPP Booster
Level 1 - Soldier 0 0
Level 2 - Sergeant 6,000 2,000
Level 3 - Marshal 30,000 10,000
Level 4 - Captain 60,000 20,000
Level 5 - Colonel 100,000 30,000
Level 6 - General 240,000 50,000

As long as you maintain a VIP level amount of points for 10 months out of the year, you will remain at that status.

Convert FPP's to Cash

Players can redeem FPP’s for Cash Bonuses. The rate when buying a bonus will depend on your VIP status. It you wish to convert points to Cash Bonuses later, you can climb the VIP levels and convert FPP’s at a better rate. The bonus will appear as real money in the account instantly and can be used to play on any Cash Table or Tournament.

FPP's can be converted to Cash Bonuses as follows:

Bonus Amount Soldier Sergeant Marshal Captain Colonel General
€1 20 FPP - - - - -
€5 100 FPP 50 FPP 40 FPP 40 FPP - -
€10 - 100 FPP 80 FPP 80 FPP - -
€25 - - 200 FPP 200 FPP 200 FPP 200 FPP
€50 - - 400 FPP 400 FPP 400 FPP 400 FPP
€100 - - - 800 FPP 800 FPP 800 FPP
€200 - - -     1600 FPP
Max Conversion €5 €50 €125 €250 €600 €2000

Points can be converted to Cash Bonuses by selecting ‘Account > Convert FPP's to Cash’, from the top menu in the main Poker Lobby window or the 'Convert FPP´s button in the Cashier section of the Main Lobby.

Please note that there are limits on how much you can convert monthly to cash.

Convert FPP's to Tokens

Every 8 FPP's collected is worth a €1,00 Tournament Token that can be converted at any time instantly to your Token balance. The minimum conversion is 1 FPP to a €0.12 Token. Tokens can be used as a partial payment together with cash to pay for a Tournament Buy-In.

Points can be converted to Tournament Tokens by selecting Account > Convert FPP's to Tokens, from the top menu in the main Lobby window or the Convert FPP's button in the Cashier section of the Main Lobby.

FPP's can also be converted when buying in to a Tournament by selecting the Convert FPP's option in the Tournament Registration window when available.

Each VIP Level has a Maximum Monthly conversion to Tokens limit:

Soldier Sergeant Marshal Captain Colonel General
€20 €60 €160 €360 €600 €900

Please note that if you have a bonus pending you will continue to generate VPP’s to maintain your VIP status but you will not earn any FPP’s unless stated specifically in the rules for the bonus that you will continue to earn FPP’s as well.


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