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👤RakeAdvisory 🕔2018-02-10
Up to 40% Rakeback at Shen Poker - IDN Network (New Rake Tiers)

As of February 2018, players will get more rakeback at Shen Poker - IDN Network, according to our new rake tiers which are now available for worldwide players. While offering multi-tabling feature for players all around the globe, they can enjoy grinding on the softest asian network with peak traffic above 10.000 players and earn more cashback as they rake more.

Thus, new rake requirements reward players at Shen Poker - IDN Network as follows:

Rake Requirements (USD) Rakeback %
0 - 999 30%
1000 - 1999 35%
2000+ 40%

In this respect, players can now earn up to 40% flat rakeback at Shen Poker - IDN Network, paid monthly into their e-wallet account (Neteller/Skrill) as in the example below:

IDN Monthly Rake Players Rakeback
500$ 150$
1500$ 525$
2000$ 800$

To register at Shen Poker - IDN Network please follow all registration steps required and use our affiliate code: 001975

After you have registered your poker accounts at Shen Poker - IDN Network, send us an e-mail at support@rakeadvisory.com with your new Shen usernames to double check you are properly tracked.

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