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👤RakeAdvisory 🕔2018-05-15
Staking Available for PPPoker Players: From Zero To Hero

Players who want to try asian apps but don't want to risk their own funds or don't have enough bankroll to play there have now the opportunity to benefit from our staking feature, available for PPPoker players. PPPoker hosts NLHE and PLO games available from micro stakes up to high stakes. Lowest stakes available at PPPoker are NL20/PLO20 and can be found in our Volcano club (ID 392245). Volcano is a recently launched PPPoker clubs with very soft games for microstakes. It is a great start for players who would like to boost their bankroll and increase fast in limits.

Eligibility criteria for staking at PPPoker:

  • good stats of previous poker records
  • good references within poker community

Players who apply for staking will be assessed on an individual basis and we will decide which ones are serious and trustworthy to work with and which not.

Contact us on skype: ID rakeadvisory for more details regarding staking project.

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