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👤RakeAdvisory 🕔2017-08-01
Insane Deal on Ipoker Network - 75% flat rakeback at Winner Poker

As of August 2017, we announce the launch of the best iPoker rakeback deal available in online poker. Starting this month, players have access to an insane poker deal worth 75% flat rakeback for every new player who signs up at Winner Poker.It is the highest SBR based iPoker deal available nowadays and players receive weekly payments, every Monday, directly into their poker account.

Even tough usually SBR is less than Weighted contributed rake, almost all iPoker skins have switched to SBR based deals. Therefore, there are only a few rooms where you could still earn a flat rakeback deal based on old rake method, such as Betfred, but the maximum rakeback deal won't be higher than 40% from Weighted Contributed Rake. Keep in mind that usually SBR is also slightly above 60% from Weighted Contributed Rake.

We believe that this 75% flat rakeback deal based on SBR is above everything that one can find on the market today. Of course, for very high level and high volume grinders, there can be hybrid deals from which they can even earn slightly better. For instance, on Coral Poker players can cumulate rakeback earnings from monthly rakeback + first deposit bonuses/reload bonuses + prizes from rake races. Such deal might even be better than a flat rakeback deal for players who can also harvest a lot via 30.000$ Coral Rake Race

For micro stakes or normal volume players, this 75% flat rakeback deal we currently offer at Winner Poker is simply insane. Yes, insane. Because you earn 3/4 of Source Based Rake, the new iPoker Rake Calculation Method with no strings attached. All you have to do is to register a poker account at Winner via RakeAdvisory, deposit and start playing while your money are credited to your poker account every Monday, week by week.

Hurry up, this is an insane offer for every poker player who enjoys grinding on Ipoker Network. Sign up now and start building your bankroll by earning solid cashback while you crush villains at the poker tables.

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